On Location in France

On Location in France
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Equipped with knowledge of the geography, people and how to speak French, three of Homeschool.com’s Jr. Media Team – Adam, Justin and Mariah – were invited to meet and study with exceptional mentors while visiting France last month. Homeschool.com and Power-Glide, “The Ultimate Foreign Language Adventure,” have chronicled their experiences.

Before this France adventure, Adam, Justin and Mariah worked with a wide variety of mentors to explore their individual and special interest. First, their parents, then teachers in their community, and finally these world-class mentors who will forever change their lives.

Adam and Justin:
With a talent for playing guitar Adam and Justin discovered an inspirational mentor in Pierre Bensusan, an internationally acclaimed musician who came to their town on a concert tour last February offering a master class. The boys attended the 5-hour class and were inspired by the energy, talent and commitment Mr. Bensusan imparted that day. Adam and Justin’s talent and strong desire to learn more was observed by Mr. Bensusan and they were invited to continue their study at his home in France as a part of a 10-day seminar with other aspiring musicians. The boys studied their French, packed their bags and were off to France! The seminar was intense as Mr. Bensusan challenged them to expand their knowledge of the guitar to include breathing techniques, intricate theories and creative expression. The boys have returned home with increased devotion and immense creative inspiration to continue their pursuit and study of the guitar as professionals. Adam claims that he will one day return to live and study in Paris as a result of his profound experience.

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Mariah, a dedicated student of ballet for 13 years, always dreamed of going to France to study ballet. When her brother Adam, was invited to study in France she seized the opportunity to study in France and went about researching dance schools in Paris using the Internet. She was excited to find the Centre de Dance du Marais welcomed her taking class. Upon arriving in Paris, she contacted the center and was excited to learn that she could attend a barre class with Anne Le Pord and then take a master class with Frederic Lazzarelli who, originally famous with the Ballet National de Mexico, just happened to be teaching in Paris! At first a little nervous to be among so many fine dancers, Mariah quickly realized that her previous mentors and training had prepared for this moment. And, when Mr. Lazzarelli smiled, as she flew across the floor she knew she had made it! There was no trouble understanding what to do because French is the language of ballet and her many years of studying allowed her to fit in with ease! Mariah’s experience confirmed her belief that she has the power, skill and love of dance required to study with the great masters of ballet. No sooner returning to the states, she is already planning her next big adventure in to the world of the professional dancer!

For more information on the Centre de Dance du Marais go to:

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