On Location in France: Day 5

On Location in France
Day 5
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Homeschool.com Jr. Media Team spent a whole afternoon strolling through the Monet’s spectacular gardens at his home in Giverny, France. They felt as if they were walking through one of his famous paintings. Monet once remarked that his gardens were his greatest masterpiece.
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A resident in Monet’s Garden
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The countryside of the Loire Valley was laced with chateaus and castles. The ruins at the castle at Loche with its underground passageways and dungeon was a particular favorite.
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The walls were covered with medieval graffiti left by the political prisoners of this dark dungeon.
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It was hard for the team to imagine any young man actually walking around in this heavy suit of armor — we think Quinn could do it!
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French Vocabulary for Day Four:



escargot snail
Qui e’tait…? Who was…?
l’artiste  the artist
le peintre the painter
le sculpteur the sculptor
le cavalier the knight
le roi the king
le reine the queen

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