Say Hello to Garlic Press – and Receive 25% Off Your Order

December 8, 2014

Say Hello to Garlic Press – and Receive 25% Off Your Order

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According to the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), there are 60,000 publishers in the United States with 4.4 billion dollars in sales! Many of these publishers are newly created and small with only one or two books in their line. Others, such as Garlic Press have been publishing books for over 40 years for teachers, parents and students.

Like so many educational book publishers, Garlic Press started when a teacher had a good idea. In the case of Garlic Press, the word “no” turned out to be a powerful motivator. Stan Collins, the first author and founder of Garlic Press, had written a book to help struggling substitute teachers in the school district in which he was working. He offered the book to the district’s school superintendent as a professional development tool. The superintendent turned it down. That manuscript became the first book published by the newly-formed company.

Today, Garlic Press offers:

Garlic Press also has a section called Free Downloads that has useful downloads of activities from or inspired by some of their most popular products.

They also have special discounts! Currently they are running a coupon for customers– an additional 25% off, including sale items. To receive the discount, remember to use the Coupon Code HMSCH25.