Get State Accreditation with The Genesis Academy!



August 24, 2009

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Get State Accreditation with The Genesis Academy!

Get the security of state accreditation! Enroll your homeschool child at The Genesis Academy!


Looking for a way to homeschool with state accredited courses? Then, you should enroll your child in the distance learning program at The Genesis Academy! Providing families with qualified teachers and an experienced staff, The Genesis Academy is a state accredited* academy that offers customizable, Christian-based curriculum in both online and print-based versions for grades K-12. Plus, full-time or part-time enrollment is available, and you can register your child at any time of the year!

Get the perfect combination of home-based education and state accredited distance learning courses at The Genesis Academy! When it matters most, our state accreditation will improve the likelihood of successful credit transfers and college acceptance for your homeschool child. So, why wait? Click ENROLL NOW or call 1-866-596-4649 to get started today!


*The Genesis Academy is an officially approved online program of a state accredited Christian school.



Who should enroll their child in The Genesis Academy?


  • Parents looking for state accredited distance learning courses for grades K-12
  • Parents needing assistance in homeschooling their child in one or more subjects
  • Parents looking for flexible, customizable Christian education opportunities


Academy Benefits:

  • State Accreditation


    • Bible-based Curriculum


    • Affordable Tuition
    • Experienced Teachers


    • Diploma Program or Independent Courses
    • Online or Print Curriculum


  • And More!

“The academy is the perfect fit for my son and me. Plus, it’s state accredited, which will play an important role later when he applies for college.”

– Lisa C., Texas