One-Stop Shopping and an Android Tablet Too!

One-Stop Shopping and an Android Tablet Too!

May 23, 2013
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FREE Android Tablet PC With Your Enrollment!!

In the 1800s your tablet was your slate and chalk.
In the 1900s your tablet was made of paper.
Today this tablet could be the electronic version.
And it could be yours for FREE!!

Global Student Network is putting a 9″ Android tablet in the hands of each student who enrolls before July 31 in Global Courseware for one year. For further details, go to

Go Global and take your tablet with you!!

Since 2004, Global Student Network has been a leader in providing innovative online curriculum to schools and homeschool students throughout the world. GSN offers the widest range of secular and Christian online curriculum for grades K-12 available anywhere. Plus it offers amazing programs and services like tutoring, ACT/SAT preparation, and MORE!! And it offers all this from one location. It’s like one-stop shopping!

$99 Summer School for Learning or Credit Recovery Starts Now!!
Global Student Network is offering unlimited courses for 3 months for $99. For details, go to Global Student Network will keep them learning this summer with plenty of money left in the budget for vacation!

Even More Exciting News…
$99 Certified “Teachers for Hire” for 3 months/per course

Need help with a particular class from any of GSN’s 500+ courses? For just $99 per course, you can have access to a certified, highly qualified teacher support for 3 months (the average time needed to complete a course). Go to

All Under One Roof…
One Stop Shop for ALL Your Online Learning Choices

Global Courseware – Secular Courses
Tailored to fit all learning styles, interests & needs of students and families. Lessons enhanced by graphics and multimedia pictures. Most affordable – Grades K-12.
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Student Assessment from Global Courseware
Formative Assessments (through our Global Courseware) designed to help parents answer the most fundamental questions:

  • What level is my student in reading and math?
  • What instruction will best benefit my student?
  • Is my student progressing?

The Global Courseware Universal Screenings provides homeschool parents an authentic and validated tool to measure student’s existing knowledge, comprehension, and mastery of skills in reading and mathematics.

Christian Curriculum
Alpha Omega Publications®, a leading provider of Christian Curriculum has allowed GSN to offer it’s newest release of Ignitia�. The finest in Christian education – Grades 3-12.
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Honors Program
Standards-based general studies courses that meet the needs of motivated students seeking to accelerate their learning from Apex.
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Odysseyware Curriculum
Correlated with state standards and based on proven educational research, Odysseyware courses for Grades 3-12.
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Career and Technical Education (CTE) Courses
Career and college readiness with online CTE courses – Join GSN as they open a new door to career and college readiness with online CTE courses ideal for placement into three Career and Technical Education career clusters offered through Global Student Network’s Odysseyware program:

  • Business Management & Administration
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality and Tourism

GradPoint Program
A digital learning solution for Grades 6-12. Provides a personalized learning experience to re-engage struggling students & challenge high achievers. Check out these hard to find “35 Unique Electives” (see below) that you won’t find elsewhere!
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Global’s Compass Learning Courseware
Compass Learning’s digital content and curriculum is used by more than 8,000 schools and millions of students across the United States. Perfect for the visual learner. This extremely popular program used and well received by traditional public & private school students, is finally being offered to homeschool families through Global Student Network. All the while they are learning, these multimedia lessons feel more like games. ALL Grades K-12

ACT Prep
This ACT Prep course is an online program that gives you everything you need to get a top notch ACT score. From targeted practice, test taking strategies, to full length tests, GSN has everything covered.

SAT Prep
Online courses that gives you everything you need to get top notch SAT scores. Maximize your score with 100s of expert lesson videos, 1000s of practice questions, and GSN’s powerful adaptive learning technology.

Rosetta Stone
An engaging, award-winning second-language program. Choose from 26 languages. Rosetta Stone language training is all online and available whenever and wherever you are. The program features engaging photographs as well as text, audio and video. The program offers a systematic approach to teaching relevant skills using an intuitive, immersion interface. Basic exercises focus on a combination of skills such as reading and writing in addition to listening and speaking. There is also a voice recognition feature that allows you to practice speaking and receive feedback on proper pronunciation.

Tutoring 24/7
Connects a student to a highly qualified tutor online – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Homeschool students no longer have to struggle with difficult concepts that slow them down and frustrate them. The last barrier to online learning just collapsed: Global Student Network now provides individualized tutoring and academic support for each student’s needs. No appointments necessary.

Credit Recovery
GSN’s Credit Recovery Programs are playing an important role in keeping students on track for their high school graduation. Their credit recovery solutions have been designed specifically to meet the needs of students looking to recover credits and ensures these students are engaged with rigorous standards-based content.

Adult Education
Most employers today are more likely to hire people who have earned a high school diploma over someone who has not. For the adults wishing they could go back to school, it no longer has to feel like an impossible task. Fortunately, at International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA), a partner of Global Student Network has a solution so that you, the adult learner, can now fulfill that dream!!

GED Prep
Global Student Network’s (GSN) GED program uses sophisticated and comprehensive pre-testing for each of the five GED subject areas to pinpoint student deficits and design an individualized learning plan to increase student completion of the GED.

35 Unique Electives through their GradPoint Program

Check out these amazing electives that are now being offered through GSN’s GradPoint Curriculum option and see if you are equally intrigued. What a great introduction to exploring a vast variety of future career choices!

2013 New Courses

  • Culinary Arts
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing
  • Fashion and Interior Design
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • History of the Holocaust
  • Middle School Photography
High School Courses

  • Anthropology I
  • Anthropology II
  • Archeology
  • Astronomy
  • Criminology
  • Digital Photography I
  • Digital Photography II
  • Forensic Science I
  • Forensic Science II
  • Gothic Literature
  • Great Minds in Science
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Geography
  • International Business
  • Law & Order
  • Music Appreciation
  • Mythology & Folklore
  • Philosophy
  • Personal & Family Finance
  • Personal Psychology I
  • Personal Psychology II
  • Real World Parenting
  • Social Problems I
  • Social Problems II
  • Sociology I
  • Sociology II
  • Veterinary Science
  • World Religions