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Harcourt Horizons Social Studies Supports Parents and Keeps Students Engaged
August 23, 2012
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A recent survey of homeschoolers asked parents to rate their satisfaction with their curriculum materials, and social studies fared the worst of all major subject areas. Here is what they asked for from a social studies curriculum:

  • A program that is fun and interesting rather than dry and boring
  • More interactive activities, including role playing and hands-on activities
  • A comprehensive approach that does not need to be supplemented

Finding a social studies curriculum with all of these strengths can be next to impossible, especially on a budget. Thankfully, Harcourt Horizons has what you’ve been looking for.

Harcourt Horizons is a complete social studies program for grades 1-6. The textbook thoroughly covers standards for history, geography, and civics, and teacher materials allow parents to guide students through the course, adapt instruction to their needs, and assess their progress.




Introducing Harcourt Horizons with Parent Guide CDs
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is proud to offer a new, economical option for social studies that is tailored specifically for homeschoolers. The new Harcourt Horizons homeschool package with Parent Guide CD-ROM is the first complete homeschool social studies program that is comprehensive, engaging, and affordable.

Comprehensive: Harcourt Horizons includes history, geography, timelines, reading support, and vocabulary. The program also includes maps, primary source documents, and biographies of key individuals.

Engaging: Harcourt Horizons brings history to life with vivid visuals, interesting facts, and interactive activities. Rather than tell students about historical events, this program puts them into the historical narrative.

Affordable: With the Harcourt Horizons Parent Guide CD-ROM, we offer all of the essential instructional aides that you are used to seeing in a Teacher’s Edition, but they are offered in a handy electronic format and are available at a reduced price.

Harcourt Horizons is Great for Students
When you open the textbook, the first thing you notice is the difference between Harcourt Horizons and a dry, uninspiring social studies book. Visuals leap off the page, and the mix of activities ensures that students will be discussing, writing, analyzing, and researching in addition to reading.

Also, Harcourt Horizons allows students to explore social studies in a way that matches their learning style. Students will be asked to build structures, paint pictures, and work with friends on activities that truly stretch their minds. Harcourt Horizons helps students see history and social studies in the world around them.

Harcourt Horizons integrates content from other subjects as well. Reading, writing, and even science, math, and music are used to link social studies to the rest of the curriculum. Skills sections provide focused activities on Maps and Globes, Charts and Graphs, Reading , and Citizenship.



Harcourt Horizons is Great for Parents
The Parent Guide CD-ROM gives you the flexibility to teach social studies according to your schedule.

  • Each day is treated separately, so you know exactly what to teach and when to teach it.
  • Each lesson lists objectives and helps you guide students through a lesson by providing Focus, Teach, and Close activities.
  • Optional enrichment and below-level activities allow you to cater instruction to your child’s level.
  • Interesting, related facts help foster further discussion about key topics and important historical figures and events.
  • Reading suggestions include leveled independent readers that are broken out into Easy, Average, and Challenging.

The Parent Guide also includes Chapter Tests, Unit Tests, and answers to student exercises.

Learn More About Harcourt Horizons
There are many online resources to help you learn more about this program and its benefits for your students.