Homeschooling Articles: High School

High School Homeschooling

Teaching the adolescent can be a challenge, but we can all remember how being an adolescent was a challenge! As parents, it’s vital that we not only invest in our teenagers but also understand the teenage dilemma and work to become part of the solution.

Enjoy the Freedom of Online Homeschooling

Alpha Omega Academy knows that every student’s life is different. That’s why AOA works with students and families to create your own school calendar and offers access to lessons any time of the day. Plus, individualized learning from AOA makes learning what it should be: a joyful, personal journey of discovery.

Special Needs Homeschooling

All of us at believe passionately that home is the best place to educate a child. This context is even more profound when it comes to the special needs learner. Who else knows the child like his parent?

High School Homeschooling FAQ

While still firmly committed to the idea of homeschooling and the choices it provides, many parents begin to second guess their decision as their child approaches the high school age. Some believe they are not qualified to teach the challenging subject matter, others worry that their child will have difficulty being accepted into a college without a traditional high school diploma, and still others worry that high school is a key time for youth to begin to socialize with other young adults in a formalized setting.

Do You Think College is Just About the Degree?

Truth be told, I wasn’t homeschooled. But looking back on my own educational experience, I can tell you this–I have homeschool envy. The ‘conveyor-belt’ didn’t work for me when I was a student but now I know why.