Looking for a reading curriculum your kids will love?

 March 30, 2015

Looking for a reading curriculum your kids will love?

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Why do homeschool families choose Homer?

A Curriculum Proven to Get Your Child Ahead
Homer’s proven phonics method boosts reading ability by guiding children on a step-by-step path to learning success with 22 levels and 100s of lessons focused on:

•  Phonics •  Vocabulary •  Reading Comprehension
•  Spelling •  Fluency

Discover the World: Learning through Adventures
Discover the World is a collection of over 100 lessons focused on developing vocabulary and knowledge of science, history, music, and art.

•  Lessons teach more than 300 vocabulary words in context.
•  Creative prompts encourage real-world use of vocabulary
•  Children build knowledge and understanding of complex subjects
•  Science and history lessons mirror top elementary programs
•  Assessments at the end of each lesson ensure mastery

Storytime: Increase reading comprehension with 100s of stories
A robust library including: folktales, fairytales, original stories, and first readers – you’ll have trouble pulling your child away from their next reading adventure!

Printables: Reinforce lesson concepts outside of the app
Access to hundreds of printable activities including writing practice worksheets, puzzles, crafts, certificates and more!

Pigeon Post: Stay Connected & Share Discoveries!
The Pigeon Post is a child-safe mail system that allows your child to share their discoveries and progress with family and friends.


What are education experts & homeschool parents saying about Homer?

“In a six week study, with no intervention from teachers, students who used Learn with Homer significantly improved the key skills most highly correlated with future reading success. That’s a really big deal.”

Susan B. Neuman, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education


“I’m a homeschool mom of four kids between 3 and 6. I am such a HUGE FAN of Homer. Honestly, Homer is BY FAR the best thing we do every day. My kids will repeat facts they learned so frequently, we almost laugh about it because they seem to know more than we do about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson! It is so much better than any other program we’ve found. Homer is 30 minutes of our homeschool curriculum every day! It is so good!”

Wendi, Homeschool Mom of Four



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