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Science education in the 6th – 12th grade years for a college-bound student requires careful consideration. As parents, we want to choose a direction that will foster a feeling of discovery in our child, develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, and one that will coincide with the values and belief system that we hold.
Greg Landry, college professor, fourteen year veteran homeschool dad, and the founder of understands this. His website offers free 45 minute online science seminars, one and two semester online science classes, and weekend / week-long anatomy and physiology camps, all taught from a Christian worldview. These online classes and residential camps are appropriate for all 6th -12th grade students, but are especially geared toward students interested in careers such as medicine, forensic anatomy/pathology CSI, nursing, exercise science, biology, chemistry, dentistry, athletic training, sports medicine, nutrition, health promotion, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, occupational therapy, etc.


Free, 45 Minute Online Seminars


Top 10 Academic Mistakes Homeschoolers Make – and How to Avoid Them
Anatomy and Physiology of the Pancreas
SAT and ACT – What You Should Know
There’s Life in the Blood
What I’ve Learned from Human Cadavers…about Life, Death, and Anatomy
Teaching the Sciences – 6th – 12th Grade
Creation Clues – The Urge (to go) and Other Rarely Thought of Human Body
How to do Well on Timed Tests
But What About Socialization?
What You (students) Can Learn From My TA’s…the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Working Toward Academic Excellence – A Practical and Biblical Guide
Sports Scholarships for Homeschooled Students – How to Get Them
So, You Want to be a Doctor – What it Takes Now and What to Expect


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One and Two Semester Online Science Classes


Biology (9th – 12th grade)
Pre-Biology (6th-9th grade)
Anatomy and Physiology (9th – 12th grade)
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology (6th-9th grade)
Chemistry (10th – 12th grade)
Sports Medicine / Exercise Physiology (8th-12th grade)
Physical / Earth / Environmental Science (7th-10th grade)
Forensic Anatomy CSI (8th-12th grade)


And, if that wasn’t enough, they also offer homeschoolers the chance to connect with each other at several different anatomy and physiology summer camps in Boone, NC. Students come from across the country to attend these unique camps.


More information regarding the free science seminars, the one and two semester classes, and the anatomy and physiology camps can be found at


Read what your fellow homeschoolers are saying…


“My children have taken science classes from Greg Landry for the past 4 years. Greg is a gifted teacher with a unique ability to challenge his students while also increasing their confidence.”

“He is rigorous in the classic sense, he values writing skills, cultivates time management and organizational habits, and helps each student develop and adhere to long range plans. While his students are learning these life skills, they are also becoming scientists.”

“I expect that the teaching in Greg’s upper level science classes is on par with university level courses. His students thrive in this environment and learn the value of hard work. As a homeschooler who struggled with biology and chemistry as a student, Greg’s classes provide my children with an opportunity to learn about these subjects from an enthusiastic and well informed teacher.”
Cinda Payne-Smith
Boone, NC


“Greg Landry has been an answer to prayer for our family. As a home schooling mom of three, I realized that I didn’t have the knowledge or time to teach my oldest son the high school level science classes he needed for college. These classes filled this void and more!”


“Before taking Biology, my son didn’t know how to study – a major concern of mine. In a very short time I noticed that he was developing a self-discipline and a love of learning that I had not seen before. Because of Greg Landry’s standard of excellence and Christian values, I believe that my son will be well prepared for college.”
Karen Perry
Newland, NC


Go ahead, take a free seminar and decide if a semester long course or science camp would be of benefit to your child. Who knows, perhaps your glowing review will be the next one posted on Greg Landry’s site!