Newsletter 29: Math Without Difficulty!

Most of us have been there before, trying to learn math that just flies right over our heads. But, truly grasping and understanding math concepts can be so elusive even when the curriculum is super. I’ve found that using fun and engaging ways to teach math in our homeschool is a great way to awaken motivation as well as understanding. This month we’ve curated a collection of articles that we think will help you revive your homeschool math time!

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Connecting Math with Literature

Math is not the easiest subject to teach, regardless of grade level. Still, there are plenty of ways to make elementary math FUN and ENGAGING and we are here to share them!

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8 Fun Ways to Teach Math

It's common to group people into two categories: those who love literature and those who love math. However, in homeschooling, we've noticed ways that literature skills can actually help improve math skills and vice versa!...

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