Managing Your High School Homeschooler’s Time

Managing Time with Your High School Homeschool Student’s Social Life

Does it feel like your high school students are always on the go while you’re just trying to keep your head above water? Embarking on the high school adventure is a time for transitions in many ways, not the least of which is socialization. As your teens near adulthood, this time may feel like something is “off” for you, especially if your teens are gone frequently. So, just what does a healthy social life for teens look like?

Tight Homeschool BFF or Large Posse?

Some people seem to thrive best with a large group of people (which can and usually does turn into a clique). Other people do best with just one or two tight friends. There are pros and cons to both styles, but the important thing is this: what works best for your teen? It’s not uncommon to presume that our teen will feel the way we do about choosing between a large group of friends and a tight-knit group. However, our teens are individuals and need to be able to thrive in whatever social settings work best for them.

Expand Their Homeschool Horizons

While your teen may enjoy having one solid, core bestie, you can encourage spreading out and making various friends in different places. For instance, he or she may have friends at gymnastics, friends at co-op, friends in the neighborhood, and friends at church. That’s wonderful and will help your teen be at his or her best at all times!

Talk About Isolation

So what if your teen doesn’t seem to have friends? If your teen is feeling left out or happens to feel as though he or she has no friends, definitely talk about it. Being a loner is hard, so make sure your teen isn’t completely “alone” here. Talk about why your teen may be feeling so alone, and ask what specific examples make your teen feel so lonely. Was there a group of teens going to the movies your teen overheard talking? Commiserate with your child: “That stinks! Maybe they didn’t think you’d be able to go? Perhaps they thought you wouldn’t like the movie?” Point out the other possible reasons your teen wasn’t invited, but stay positive. Above all, make sure your teen isn’t left feeling like he or she isn’t good enough for other teens.

The irony of people worrying about homeschooled students and socialization can be hysterical! This is especially true if you feel like your teens are never home because they have such a heavy social life. Applying these tips will help see to it that your teen has a healthy social life.



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