Great Homeschool Conventions offers Outstanding Parenting Workshops

Great Homeschool Conventions
Outstanding Parenting Workshops

February 6, 2012
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Today, Great Homeschool Conventions is excited to share more with you about this year’s OUTSTANDING PARENTING WORKSHOPS with

Dr. TEDD TRIPP (Instructing a Child’s Heart)

Tedd Tripp is the senior pastor of Grace Fellowship Church. He was married to Margy in 1968.  They have three adult children and seven grand-children.  Tedd is a graduate of Geneva College, BA in History, Philadelphia Theological Seminary, M Div, and Westminster Theological Seminary, D Min with an emphasis in Pastoral Counseling.  Tedd is the author of the popular child-rearing books, Shepherding a Child’s Heart and Instructing a Child’s Heart.

This past year, Dr. Tripp shared the “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” sessions at the Cincinnati convention, and these sessions were PACKED – with tons of RAVE REVIEWS from the homeschooling parents that attended these sessions.

Great Homeschool Conventions is honored that Dr. Tripp is returning this year, and are excited to announce that he will be presenting NEW sessions: “Instructing a Child’s Heart”

From Dr. Tripp…

“I frequently have the opportunity to speak to young people who are raising children. These opportunities leave me more and more convinced of the Biblical underpinnings that are essential to making sense of the parenting task.”

God is concerned with the heart – the wellspring of life (Proverbs 4:23). Parents tend to focus on the externals of behavior rather than the internal overflow of the heart. We tend to worry more about the “what” of behavior than the “why”. Accordingly we spend enormous amounts of energy in controlling and constraining behavior. To the degree and extent our focus is on behavior we miss the heart. The results are disastrous.”

When we miss the heart, we miss the subtle idols of the heart. Romans 1 makes it clear that all human beings are worshippers; either we worship God or we make an exchange and worship and serve idols – substitutes for God – created things rather than the Creator (Romans 1:18-25). When parent short-circuits to behavior parents miss the opportunity to help their children understand that straying behavior reflects a heart that has strayed. Our kids always serve something, either God or a substitute for God – some idol of the heart.”

When we miss the heart, we miss the gospel. If the goal of parenting is only securing proper behavior we will never help our children understand the internal things – the heart issues – that push and pull behavior. Those internal issues: self-love, rebellion, anger, bitterness, envy and pride of the heart show our children how profoundly they need grace. If the problem with children is deeper than inappropriate behavior, if the problem is the way the heart has enthroned something other than God, then the need for grace is established. Jesus came to earth. Lived a perfect life and died as an infinite sacrifice so that children (and their parents) can be forgiven, transformed, liberated and empowered to love God and others.”

When we miss the heart, we miss the glory of God. Children (and adults) who have fallen into various forms of personal idolatry need not only to tear down the high places of alien gods, but to enthrone God. Children are spring-loaded for worship. One of the most important callings parents have is to display the greatness, goodness and glory of the God for they and their children are made. Parents have the opportunity, through word and deed, to show children the one true object of worship – the God of the Bible. We know the greatest delights our children can experience are found in being mesmerized, delighted and intrigued by the God who made them for his glory.”

“When I teach these things parents often say, “These things are not just for my kids, they are for me.” The parent who sees that is not only about to teach, but also able to incarnate these truths for their children.”  


Kirk & Casey Martin (Calm Christian Parenting)

Laugh-out loud funny, practical and life-changing. That is how over 150,000 parents have described Calm Christian Parenting Founder and homeschooling father Kirk Martin. Based on work with 1,500 challenging children right in his own home, Kirk’s strategies will eliminate the power struggles, yelling and arguing that stress you out. You will leave changed.


What makes his workshops unique? Kirk’s presentations feature interactions with his son, Casey–this makes the strategies concrete, challenging and funny. His gut-wrenchingly honest approach inspires transformation. Plus they spend A LOT of time helping parents change (not just kids). How can you teach your children to control themselves…when you yell, lecture and throw your own tantrums? The best discipline is self-discipline. Come find out why USA Today, PARADE Magazine and 800 churches have relied on Kirk for advice that really works.

Keep Your Sanity While Raising Successful Children

You have made a tremendous sacrifice to homeschool your children. There are days you doubt your  decision. You struggle with resentment–after all you do to sacrifice and they can’t even get up, do their chores and start on school work? It’s not like they have all the pressures of catching the school bus, sitting in class, and doing homework at night. Maybe you struggle with guilt. Other homeschooling parents make it look easy–what are you doing wrong? Some suffer in silence, afraid if they voice frustrations that they will be seen as complaining. This is a safe place here where we offer not only encouragement, but practical strategies that really work.


John Rosemond (John Rosemond – America’s Most Widely Read Parenting Expert)

John is one of America’s most well-known and respected parenting experts. His nationally-syndicated newspaper column, one of the longest-running lifestyle columns in the industry (since 1976), is carried in more than 200 newspapers nationwide. John has written fourteen books on parenting and family issues, most of which are best-sellers in the field. Parenting by The Book, published by Howard Books, won the Mom’s Choice Award in 2008. John has also been or is a columnist for Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Hemispheres (the United Air Lines in-flight magazine), and Signs of the Times.

John is one of America’s most well-known and respected parenting experts. He refers to himself as “a psychologist that doesn’t have a lot of faith in or use for psychology.”

John is licensed to practice psychology by the North Carolina Psychology Board, but retired from full-time private practice in 1990. Since then, although he does the occasional consultation, he has devoted the majority of his time to writing and public speaking. He is proud to be a member of the Board of Directors of

John says his “real” qualifications are (1) he’s been married to the same woman (Willie) for 42 years, (2) he and Willie have two adult children, Eric and Amy, both of whom are responsible members of society who do not ask for any entitlements, and (3) John and Willie are grandparents to seven well-behaved grandchildren, ranging in age from two to fifteen.

Click here for a very short preview video clip.


Registration NOW OPEN for the SouthEast, MidSouth, and MidWest Homeschool Conventions.


We’ll be providing a complete list of WORKSHOP TITLES and DESCRIPTIONS within a few weeks – – – just as soon as we finalize a few remaining details. Thanks!