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Eleven Homeschooling Tips for 2011

December 15, 2010

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Homeschool.com would like to offer our Eleven Homeschooling Tips for 2011. Our Eleven tips come from Rebecca Kochenderfer's inspiring book Homeschooling & Loving It!

Eleven Homeschooling Tips for 2011:

Tip 1:
Ask your children, "WHAT do you want to learn?" Fit your curriculum to your children, not your children to the curriculum. Their answers might surprise you--and will certainly inspire you!

Tip 2:
Ask your children, "HOW do you want to learn?" They know what works for them!

Tip 3:
Make fun happen! Learning and assimilating information happens best when your students are having FUN. And of course, fun learning is forever learning!

Tip 4:
Make time to celebrate the milestones and successes. You've achieved them as a family! How great is that?

Tip 5:
Make up a special box for toddlers that you only bring out during homeschooling hours when you need to work with the older kids. Include toys and activities they can only do while you're homeschooling.

Tip 6:
Look into Dual Credit and AP courses for your high school students.

Tip 7:
Set goals--but build flexibility into your schedule.

Tip 8:
Don't sweat the mess. Books piled high on the coffee table, the science experiment on the kitchen counter and art projects on the patio, are all signs that your children are learning.

Tip 9: Don't let memories from your own school days about what education is supposed to look like override what your current experience reveals to you. Listen to your heart.

Tip 10:
Continue to explore your interests alongside your children. After all, you create lifelong learners by being one yourself.

Tip 11: Enjoy each day! When we asked experienced homeschoolers for their most important tip, they said to, "Worry less and enjoy more."

Homeschooling is enjoyable...and rewarding...and fun!

We at Homeschool.com wish you the best in making homeschooling a rewarding experience for your family!



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