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July 28, 2010

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Where Education Clicks and Social Development is Important!

iQ Academy is a complete online middle and high school that fits your student, your lifestyle, and your family. As an accredited, public, tuition-free school, iQ Academy offers an innovative, high-quality academic alternative to the traditional learning experience.

In addition to academics,
iQ Academy offers numerous ways for families to interact with each other and their school. iQ Academy believes that social development is equally important as academic development to their students.  Because of this, iQ Academy (in some states) offers the following--

  • iQ Connect is a new monthly information series created to inform, educate and connect iQ Academy parents and students. Each month, iQ Connect features a timely topic on subjects ranging from important iQ Academy updates to training tools that might be helpful to your homeschooling endeavors.
  • Club iQ is a national online educational and engagement series for iQ Academy students where your student can learn new things, make new friends and have fun online. Each month, a new club topic is hosted and your child can choose which topics and clubs are of personal interest.
  • iQ LIVE is a fun, interactive online chat where students can play games, use their webcams and meet new people and potentially win some AWESOME prizes
    During the school year, iQ Academy hosts iQ LIVE! every Friday afternoon.
  • One of the great benefits of being a high school student at iQ Academy is iQ Academy's educational networking site - iQuad. It's a great place for your student to learn about upcoming activities and get to know other students and teachers. The best part is your student will have a chance to meet iQ students across the country!
  • iQ Academy students come from all cultures and backgrounds. Because of this, your student can be exposed to a very diverse student body if s/he chooses.
  • To find an iQ Academy in your state:

    iQ Academy—Accredited... Tuition-Free... and iQ Academy Realizes that Social Development is Important to Your Child!


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