Vocabulary Made Visual for the Homeschool Community

 February 28, 2017

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Vocabulary Made Visual for the Homeschool Community

Let’s face it – as parents we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to engage our tech savvy children in the learning process. By pairing technology with innovative vocabulary learning methods, we’ve created a fun and engaging online teaching tool and learning system for students of all ages and backgrounds.

After 22 years experience as certified speech pathologist, Beth and I have developed an innovative and engaging vocabulary instruction called InferCabulary Pro ®.


Vocabulary is a major building block for reading comprehension and long-term educational and workplace success. A good vocabulary teaching tool will engage learners, broaden their word base and help them infer and retain word meanings deeply and in a variety of contexts.


InferCabulary® Pro, helps students learn vocabulary quickly and deeply. User-friendly definitions and multiple images create a fun, interactive, and appealing environment for students using reasoning and deduction skills to comprehend the meaning of new vocabulary.

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Deena Seifert, M.S., -SLP
InferCabulary® Pro Team