A FREE Boys Adventure Catalog for Homeschool Families

A FREE Boys Adventure Catalog
for Homeschool Families
October 8, 2013
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The Boys Adventure Store
Inside every boy lies a courageous spirit of adventure waiting to grow wings and take flight.

Families from across the country rely on JM Cremp’s to be a wholesome resource for fostering a courageous, adventurous and biblical boyhood. The only way to become a man is through being a boy … and that is just how God designed it.

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Boys are unique. Did you know that boys and girls are vastly different? There are obvious differences, such as physical characteristics, but there are also many more differences. For example, boys mature differently, they process thoughts differently, and recent research has shown that boys see and even hear differently. Boys also interpret spatial settings differently. A boy’s brain develops differently while still in the womb, and then again through the process of puberty. It is because of this uniqueness that JM Cremp’s products and messaging are designed specifically for boys.

We want to encourage families raising boys to understand these differences and the uniqueness of boyhood, and to embrace it. As a whole, many boys are struggling in our society. They are struggling in school and fewer boys are going on to college and in some cases even living at home longer than in the past. We have also seen video games replacing time otherwise spent being creative, imaginative and adventurous. Additionally, boys are no longer reading like they did 30 years ago.

We want to encourage families to raise men, and we believe the only path to manhood is through boyhood. You will find many great resources for raising boys and for developing the characteristics of manhood such as: honor, integrity, respect, perseverance, faith, courage, discipline and more. We believe manhood is not an age, but rather a maturity.

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