Setting Students Up for College Success


Setting Students Up for College Success

Is your child planning on going to college? Keystone High School is committed to helping students get on the path to college acceptance.


To help your student prepare for higher education, Keystone offers:

March 29, 2010

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  • A college-preparatory curriculum, including college prerequisite courses, AP courses, honors courses, and language studies.


  • A valid high school transcript documenting your student’s high school success.

  • Extracurricular activities that often give college applicants a competitive edge, such as the Keystone Connection student newspaper, the Keystone Student Association, and the Photography Club.


  • Up-to-date resources and reference materials to help your student prepare for the college selection and application process.

  • Letters of recommendation from Keystone teachers and administrative staff.

In addition, Keystone’s college counseling program gives students an edge in planning for college by providing the following:


  • TestGear, based on a brief diagnostic test your student will receive a personalized online SAT/ACT prep course which will strengthen his/her skills and build your student’s confidence so that she is ready for the all-important test day
  • Choices Planner, an online tool that helps your student make academic and career choices based on his/her interests and personality traits
  • Weekly office hours with Keystone’s certified guidance counselor
  • Live Elluminate sessions on topics including:
  • College Admissions Process: My Senior year
  • Career Exploration
  • SAT/ACT prep
  • Choosing my next set of high school courses
  • College Admissions: My Junior year
  • Why Advanced Placement Classes?
  • Internships and Work experience
  • Writing a Resume
  • Parents: What is my role in the college admissions process?
  • Parents: How do I motivate my student?
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid
  • Keystone graduates attend top colleges, universities, and military academies nationwide. These institutions include Dartmouth, Duke, New York University, Notre Dame, Rice, Stanford, Yale, and West Point. See the

    list of top colleges and universities at which Keystone graduates have been accepted. You can also view a comprehensive list by name or by state.“Keystone courses prepared me well. The [university] admissions staff was excited about my education and I was offered significant scholarship money. … Between the time management skills I learned and Keystone’s excellent academic background.”
    -Keystone graduate



    Keystone High School is committed to helping students get on the path to college acceptance.