Keystone students are free to learn the way they want – and they love it!

Keystone students are free to learn the way they want–and they love it!

May 3, 2012
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Dear Family,

At Keystone, setting your own pace–and following your own path–isn’t just an occasional event. It’s how our students learn every day of the year.

From anywhere in the world, our online private school gives young people in grades 6�12 the flexibility to study exactly the way they need to. And when learning conditions fit each kid to a tee, the outcome–time and again–is success.

But freedom doesn’t mean you’re alone! Our certified teachers are available when needed for individualized instruction, guidance, and inspiration. It’s this union of quality curriculum, self-motivated studies, and expert teaching that’s made Keystone a leader for nearly 40 years.

Why our students love learning with us:

“I have more time to spend with my family.”

“I can take more courses at once–and courses most schools where I live don’t offer.”

“I have time to excel in school, play piano, and act.”

Why flexibility inspires everything we do:

  • Our extensive course catalog includes 30 courses for middle school and over 170 for high school. We offer all core subjects, dozens of electives, and six languages. And new for this year, our curriculum features the latest in multi-media learning, and new courses for high school!
  • Choose from multiple academic levels and formats: Standard, AP, and Credit Recovery options, taken online or as a correspondence course.
  • Peer interaction opportunities range from our student association and newspaper to various online clubs.
  • Many enroll in our full-time program; others take single courses to make up credits or fill a void in their school.

Plus, you can enroll your student and begin courses anytime, made even more flexible and affordable by our money-back guarantee, payment plans, and multi-student discounts. Simply call us at 800.255.4937 or attend a virtual open house to discover one of the greatest ways to go to school.


Steven L. Rayzer, MEd
The Keystone School


Join a virtual open house to learn more.

Our next one is:
5/7 @ 12pm
5/18 @ 10am
5/24 @ 7pm
5/30 @ 3pm

Lasting about an hour, our open houses can be accessed conveniently online from home. They’re led by Keystone educators and end with an open Q&A.

Enroll full time or part time, and begin anytime.

Call us toll free today:
(outside the U.S., call +1.570.784.5220)

Our Student Service Representatives are available weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM (ET). They can walk you through our program, answer questions, and help you identify the right course(s).

Want to learn more before you call?

Explore our website.

Our full-time graduates earn a U.S. diploma.

And they’ve gone everywhere from Stanford to NYU, while others enter into a rewarding career.

Need only a single course?

Students can enroll part time in order to get ahead in a subject, catch up, take a course not available in their school, or seek enrichment.

Browse all 200+ courses.

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