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Because Results Matter

“Six of one, half-a-dozen of another”—one of my grandmother’s favorite expressions. Is this an expression used in your family, or is it new to you? If new, then I should probably explain what it means. It means that two (or maybe more) things are essentially the same—and since they are, making a choice between them doesn’t really matter. I think that’s how some people look at long distance education options. They think the schools are similar in that they all offer courses, some type of support and usually a diploma. But there are differences. It is not a situation of six of one, half-a-dozen of another!

February 16, 2010

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Once a parent realizes that there are differences among the long distance options, the big question arises, how does one go about choosing a long distance educational program? Does the parent look at cost? Probably. At the curriculum? Most definitely. But how about looking at the results/success of the program? Aren’t results and success an appropriate gauge for judging just about anything, especially a school? Keystone National High School (for grades 6-12) would like you to look at their results:

  • Numbers. Keystone has over 30 years of distance learning experience and has educated over 200,000 students. Their programs serve students in all 50 states and 70 countries, from Georgia to Alaska and from Belize to Thailand. Numbers—a quantitative result.
  • Accreditation. Accreditation is the academic world’s way of ensuring high quality educational programs and services. It’s a way to ensure results. Through the accreditation process, institutions are recognized for meeting required quality standards in all areas of their work: academic programs, teacher support, student services and more. Keystone National High School is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Besides the NAAS accreditation, Keystone has core course approval by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). If you’d like, you can go to, to review the List of Approved Core Courses. Just use Keystone’s code: 390363. Keystone also is licensed by the State Board of Private Licensed Schools, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania . This means that Keystone has met the requirements of the Private Licensed Schools Act of Pennsylvania. Accreditation—another quantitative and important result.
  • Additional Recognitions. In addition to accreditation and licensure, Keystone has earned the Seal of Approval for 2007, the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) 2007 Gold award for Best Practices for Distance Learning Teaching Online, and the USDLA 2008 21st Century Best Practices in Distance Learning Award. Keystone National High School is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Again, results!


  • SAT scores and college acceptance. For many high school students, success/results are realized when they take their SATs and when they are accepted into the college of their choice. Over the years

Keystone students’ SAT scores have consistently been above the national average. The list of top colleges, universities, and military academies nationwide at which Keystone graduates have been accepted includes Dartmouth, Duke, New York University, Notre Dame, Rice, Stanford, Yale, and West Point. If you’d like, you can see the list of top colleges and universities at which Keystone graduates have been accepted. These are quantitative results that really impact your student favorably. These type of results may even change your student’s life/future!

  • Positive student feedback.

    “I really thank Keystone National High School for my success. Keystone’s program gave me everything I needed to excel in college, as well as the flexibility in high school to pursue my interests. Without this head start academically, I doubt I would be in my current situation. Keystone’s staff is outstanding and I would highly recommend Keystone to anyone who is looking for the freedom to follow their dreams. Thanks, Keystone, for the foundation that my dream is resting on!”— Keystone Student Michelle, New York

    “One of the greatest advantages of enrolling in Keystone has been the lesson in personal responsibility. I used to feel that bringing home grades was for my parents. Now, I’m in charge of my schoolwork, and I’m not doing it for them—it’s for me”— Keystone Student Kristin H., San Diego, CA

Student feedback–less quantitative than test scores and acceptance rates—but true (and important) results none the less!  

When it comes to your child’s education, the expression
“Six of one, half-a-dozen of another ” does NOT apply. RESULTS DO.