A Unique American History Instructional Model and packages


Volume I, Volume II and Volume II Enhanced
A Unique American History Instructional Model and Package


Finding ways to make learning more relevant and engaging for students is an important component to homeschooling. When students connect to the material they are studying, they not only learn more, they understand more deeply. Our American story is a dramatic and compelling tale of excitement, romance, comedy, and is filled with both tragedies and triumphs. If told well, as a treasured classic, students are drawn to the content.  America: The Last Best Hope makes the history of America an interesting and exciting journey into our nation’s past.  We encourage you to review their materials and decide for yourself!  (www.roadmaptolastbesthope.com)

May 14, 2008

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America: The Last Best Hope
is part of an innovative curriculum package that begins with a story told by eminent scholar and historian Dr. William J. Bennett, and includes curricular applications developed by the noted American History experts of Team HOPE (History Opens Eyes).  Learn about Team HOPE at http://www.roadmaptolastbesthope.com/about

As students increasingly disconnect from traditional textbooks, this curriculum and its supplemental materials provide an innovative online learning resource, and also meets the needs of homeschool parents by using:


Expert Storied Approach

  • America: The Last Best Hope has been evaluated by national experts in American History as the best narrative of American heritage ever written.
  • The author, Dr. William J. Bennett, is a former United States Secretary of Education and author of 18 New York Times Best Sellers.
  • The books were written as a story in order to captivate and deeply interest the reader. 
  • The curriculum has been evaluated as appropriate for Advanced Placement preparation and regular American History study.

1.  Online Supplements

  • HOPE Curriculum features online supplements, called the Roadmap, for both the student and the homeschooling parent as teacher.
  • The key student component of the Roadmap is a password-protected, interactive website.
  • The Roadmap offers detailed chapter summaries with suggestions for instruction.
  • Maps and charts are incorporated into PowerPoint presentations and other materials include essays, debates, plays, memory hooks, books, videos, music, websites, and graphical timelines to provide engagement opportunities.
  • A variety of assessment tools are also included.

2.  Learning Tools

  • In each chapter students have access to tools such as timelines, vocabulary lists, historical maps, prescreened websites, critical elements (laws, legislation, and treaties), key historical points, and presidential terms to help establish chronology, primary resources, and technology advancements.
  • Dr. Bennett offers audio Podcasts (click on the downloads) that introduce each chapter and helps frame them in terms of historical and contemporary significance.  “Beyond the Chapter” podcasts enrich the material with additional information, anecdotes, and stories to expand students’ knowledge of the topics.
  • Teachers have their own site with resources and instructional support of how to most effectively teach the content and use the curriculum materials.

3.  Premium Upgrade

  • Students using the Premium option can utilize the “Ask Team HOPE” section that allows them to submit questions for responses by Team HOPE.
  • Individual students and groups of students can submit essays, paintings, music, projects, and other work that directly relates to the chapters for posting on the website.
  • Students also have actual online chats with “Professor Bennett,” audio recordings of important speeches, event or day specific Podcasts (Pearl Harbor, D-Day, Memorial Day, etc.), audio recordings of the chapters, and teacher shared lesson plans are also available.

Order these materials on their website:

Listen to Dr. Bennett and Dr. Foley as they discuss these materials:  Go to http://www.roadmaptoamerica.com/player.php?id=1 or click on the left column video banner on their homepage.

Watch a video of Dr. Bennett as he tells an audience why he wrote these books.  Go to http://www.roadmaptolastbesthope.com/video.php or click on the left column video banner on their homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions by Homeschooling Parents (answered by Rex Bolinger – Team Hope):

Q:  I have an eighth grader.  Is this content “over his/her head?”
A:  If your son/daughter is already reading rich content and does not struggle significantly with most vocabulary, it should not be a problem.  One school district that has used this curriculum will be using Volume I in all eighth grade classes this fall.  Our online Roadmap features a vocabulary section where students can get definitions as they read.  We also have the books on total audio (Premium Roadmap) where students can listen to the book as they read.

Q:  Does the Premium Roadmap come with teacher resources like the Roadmap?
A:  Yes.  All Roadmap versions have a “student view” and a “teacher view.”  Teachers have access to both, but students only see the “student view.”  You can review these options on our website sampler of Volume I, Chapter 3.

Q:  What is the difference between Volume I, Volume II, and Volume II Enhanced:
A:  The Volumes are all chronologically organized around time periods.  Dr. Bennett wrote Volume I, and later Volume II.  Volume I contains our history from the Age of Discovery to a World at War, 1492 to 1914.  Volume II tells our history from a World at War to the Triumph of Freedom, 1914 to 1989.  Several schools have curriculum needs for a book that starts with the Civil War Reconstruction and includes history to present times.  So, our Volume II Enhanced incorporates the last two chapters of Volume I at its beginning.  Therefore this edition is titled From the Rise of Modern America to the Triumph of Freedom, 1877 to 1989.  Additionally, our Premium Roadmap covers history to present times, offering teachers’ options for content in this area.

Q:  I really like these materials.  How do I purchase them?
A: Simply click: http://www.roadmaptolastbesthope.com/order or go to their website at www.roadmaptolastbesthope.com and see the banner on the left side column for ordering.

To learn more about the products and options available please visit our website at www.roadmaptolastbesthope.com or contact Rex Bolinger at [email protected].