Which of these Olympic athletes were homeschooled?


Which of These Olympic Athletes Were Homeschooled?

Which of the following athletes do you think were homeschooled?


Carly Patterson
Olympic Gymnast – Gold 2004 Olympics

Shayna Syken
Figure Skater – 2002 Gold Medal Winner, Junior Olympics.

David Boudia
US National Diving Team – Gold Medal Winner in 2007 Pan American Games, Bronze Medal Winner in 2008 FINA Diving World Cup, Bronze Medal Winner in 2007 World Championships, and a received the first spot on the 2008 Olympic USA Diving Team


Ariel Rittenhouse
2008 USA Olympic Women’s Diving Team


Swimmer Katie Hoff
A 2004 Olympian and part of the 2008 USA Women’s Diving Team

Mike Beasley
A Basketball player and rising junior from Upper Marlboro, Md., is projected by some analysts to become the first player to go directly from home school to the NBA. He has verbally committed to play for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte after he graduates in 2007.

Sam Warren
A Basketball player who was home-schooled until his senior year, has signed a letter of intent to attend the University of Virginia, an academically rigorous school in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Virginia athletics department officials believe he will be the first home-schooler to enter on an athletic scholarship.


August 14, 2008

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Mackenzie Winslow
Junior Dressage Champion

Tanith Belbin
2006 Olympic Silver Medalist, three time Four Continents Champion (2004-2006), and five-time US National Champion Olympic Ice Dancer.


Madison Hubbell & Keiffer Hubbell
2008   World Junior Championships – 5th
2008   U.S. Championships, Junior – 1st
2008   Midwestern Sectional, Junior – 1st
2007   World Junior Championships – 6th
2007   State Farm U.S. Championships, Junior – 2nd
2006   Junior Grand Prix Final – 1st
2006   Junior Grand Prix (Netherlands) – 1st
2006   Junior Grand Prix (France) – 2nd
2006   State Farm U.S. Championships, Novice – 2nd
2006   Midwestern Sectional, Novice – 1st
2005   Estonia International Dance Competition, Novice – 1st
2005   State Farm U.S. Championships, Novice – 5th
2005   Midwestern Sectional, Novice – 2nd
2005   Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Novice – 1st
2004   U.S. Junior Championships, Intermediate – 1st
2004   Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Intermediate – 1st
2003   U.S. Junior Championships, Juvenile – 1st
2003   Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Juvenile – 1st
2002   U.S. Junior Championships, Juvenile – 7th
2002   Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Juvenile – 1st


Rae Porter-Blackwell
Member of the California Northstars Synchronized Figure Skating Team since 2005


Asia Muhammed
Tennis player – is still in High School with Laurel Springs but many articles say she will be the next huge star of tennis.


All of them! And interestingly, half of them homeschooled with Laurel Springs School (www.Laurelsprings.com).


We contacted Laurel Springs and asked them WHY they had so many high caliber athletes. They gave us these impressive Quick Facts about their curriculum. They said that they treat ALL of their students as if they were famous stars or world class athletes.


Quick Facts About Laurel Springs College-Prep Distance Learning School


  • High College Acceptance Rates (85% of students attend college. 90% of students attend college of their choice).
  • SAT scores are higher than state and national average.
  • Laurel Springs students often receive college scholarships ranging from $2,000 – $240,000.
  • Established in 1991. Laurel Springs has graduated over 4,500 students.
  • Accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges whose members include Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley.
  • AP, Honors and College Prep Courses approved by University of California, NCAA and National Honor Society.
  • Each 36-lesson course is graded by highly qualified teacher who personalizes instruction for each student.
  • Each student’s individualized program includes a Learning Styles assessment, skills assessment, mid-terms/finals, and standardized testing.
  • Each student is assigned an academic advisor who creates a personalized academic plan, and mentors the student through the college acceptance process.

Laurel Springs Parent Support Services include: a Parent Support Counselor, a Family Center website and Parent Journal linking parents to information on all school services and activities.


I go to Laurel Springs because not only is it a great school, but it is perfect for my busy skating lifestyle. The teachers and administrators are great people and are very accommodating with my skating schedule and my traveling to competitions. I’ve been enrolled in Laurel Springs since 9th grade and now I’m in 11th grade. I’ve loved being a student of Laurel Springs High School and have learned a great deal with the courses I’ve taken. It is a wonderful school. When you graduate in the 12th grade, you have a cap and gown graduation ceremony and a prom to go to. I can’t wait!