Students Gain Critical 21st Century Skills through Online Education at Laurel Springs School

 February 25, 2015

Students Gain Critical 21st Century Skills through Online Education at Laurel Springs School

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In distance learning, new opportunities arise for students to develop the key skills that come from interacting with a global community of learners. In today’s world, students are growing up in an environment where they are expected to develop a well-versed skillset and global perspective. Online learning provides the opportunity for students to learn from a quality curriculum while developing the 21st century skills that will help them have a successful future.

Too often, students are exposed to education through observation, repetition, and regurgitation. Laurel Springs provides students with an interactive learning environment where they have the opportunity to engage with peers from all over the world. An art course, for example, does not simply teach a student how to paint the perfect brush stroke, but teaches skills such as adaptability, collaboration, and the ability to offer and receive constructive criticism. By developing these skills with our global community, students gain valuable cultural insight that is unavailable in other learning environments.

In order to be successful in the 21st century, students are expected to develop a variety of skills including adaptability, critical thinking, creative thinking, and a cross-cultural understanding. With the rate technology is changing, students need to be able to effectively research the masses of information available and leverage their findings to push forward new ideas. Additionally, students must be prepared to contribute to a world that is constantly advancing and where globalization is increasing at a rapid pace. In order to get there, students must have the opportunity to practice, develop, and nurture the skills needed to be successful.

Many employers say that one of their greatest needs are workers who are well-versed in global awareness and international collaboration. A unique aspect of Laurel Springs School is the geodiversity of our student body. Through avenues such as virtual iClasses, virtual clubs, monthly symposia, blogs and discussion boards, Laurel Springs’ students actively engage within a global community that includes students in 58 different countries.

Students at an online school benefit from having the opportunity to participate in academic socialization that is connected to the curriculum. For example, in a Government course, students learn about civic literacy and global awareness in the content. Through iClasses and discussion boards, students have the opportunity to collaborate about what they are learning and gain a global perspective and cross-cultural understanding.

Virtual club meetings allow students to interact and explore with like-minded peers who have a similar interest or passion. One of the clubs that portrays the opportunities offered by a global community is the Model United Nations (UN). Model UN provides a unique opportunity to educate through simulation using a 21st century learning environment to connect students from around the world. Prior to the annual conference, members of the club meet in a virtual setting and are exposed to issues impacting the global community.

In addition to our online clubs, Laurel Springs’ students have the opportunity to engage in subject matter in over 200 courses that will not only appeal to their interests, but will also help them develop the 21st century skills that will provide them future success. Students are able to enroll in a Laurel Springs course at any time, and as an accredited school, our courses are easily transferable.