National Distance Learning Week: Top Benefits of Distance Learning

 November 9, 2015

National Distance Learning Week:
Top Benefits of Distance Learning

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This year, the United States Distance Learning Association’s National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) is being held the week of November 9th. Developed in 2007, this nationwide effort creates a greater awareness and appreciation for online education. Many homeschool families have a unique set of criteria when it comes to selecting a distance learning program for their child. Our goal at Laurel Springs School is to develop a homeschool program that highlights the benefits of distance learning, but also fits your child intellectually, emotionally, and developmentally.

Laurel Springs School has been partnering with homeschool families since 1991, and our school’s founder homeschooled her own three children. With Laurel Springs, homeschool parents can enrich the curriculum and incorporate local resources, but do not themselves have to be an expert on every subject. Additional benefits of choosing distance learning as a homeschool alternative include:

Personalized Learning Experience

Homeschooling families have the unique ability to create learning environments and educational plans that best suit their children. This is a benefit that homeschool parents do not have to give up when choosing Laurel Springs School as their distance learning program. With a strong focus on the specific abilities and needs of each child, our school serves as a trusted partner for homeschool parents who seek a personalized learning experience.

Personalized learning has been the educational model at Laurel Springs School for over 20 years. We utilize a learning styles profile assessment and the option for text-based, project-based, or online curriculum to create a personalized approach to distance learning. Our students develop meaningful connections with their teachers, and the curriculum is adjusted to match each student’s learning style. Students participate in a consistent dialogue with their teachers about coursework, assignments are graded individually, and teachers provide specific feedback and insights into how students can improve their work.


“The transition to an online private school has been seamless. The teachers are easy to communicate with, the lessons are engaging and interactive. Our daughter is thriving so far with straight A’s! The online school experience has helped build her confidence, discipline and problem solving skills. Overall, we are thrilled we chose Laurel Springs and would recommend this school to anyone seeking an alternate learning environment for their child.”
–Laurel Springs Parent


College Preparatory Experience

Many students go through a transition period between high school and college, and being a distance learner helps to prepare them for this transition. With the admittance rate for colleges and universities becoming more competitive, it’s increasingly important for students to receive a high-quality, college preparatbory education.

The college prep courses at Laurel Springs have been carefully designed so that successful completion prepares students for courses at the most demanding colleges and universities around the world. Our students’ SAT and ACT reasoning scores are higher than the national average, and many of our students are accepted into highly selective colleges. Our course catalog includes 160+ college prep courses, 30+ Honors courses and 20+ AP courses.


“Laurel Springs gave me the opportunity to continue pursuing rigorous advanced academic classes at a pace that worked well for me. This opportunity enabled me to learn many things beyond the standard high school courses, while maintaining a 4.24 GPA. I scored so well on my 10th grade SATs that I did not have to retake them in 11th grade. All this allowed me to gain acceptance into one of the top 20 universities in the world–one year early.”
–Laurel Springs Alumna


Students Gain Valuable 21st Century Skills

By the time a student begins the college admissions process, they are expected to have developed a well-versed skillset and global perspective. The 21st century skills that students must acquire include adaptability, critical and creative thinking, a cross-cultural understanding, and more. At an online school, students have the opportunity to take a variety of courses that will refine these skills whilst interacting with a global community of learners.

Online students also have the benefit of learning how to interact with and adapt to new technologies throughout their distance learning experience. This also helps students develop communication skills in order to work well with their teachers and peers. This experience, as well as having access to students and teachers from all over the globe, prepares distance learners with a versatile 21st century skillset.


The flexibility of distance learning allows homeschool parents to remain involved in their child’s education with asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities. In addition, by utilizing the flexibility distance learning provides, students no longer have to choose between their academics and personal interests or goals. Distance learners have the unique opportunity to pursue their passions outside of school whilst receiving a high-quality, college preparatory education. The ability to balance schoolwork and other activities before entering college puts students at a unique advantage.


“I have loved the flexibility with this school. Nearly all of the iClasses are available to watch when you have time. [LSS Live], the ‘tutoring area’ as my daughter likes to call it, has been a huge asset to us. I feel that this school has so many added values above and beyond the academics (which are challenging) for a homeschooled child. The clubs are a great way for your child to explore outside interests and are available at times that kids with busy schedules are able to participate! Laurel Springs has been exactly what our family needed and I am so glad we took the leap!” –Laurel Springs Parent


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