Making a Mid-Year Transition to Homeschooling

 December 2, 2015

Making a Mid-Year Transition to Homeschooling

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If you find yourself unsatisfied with your child’s current academic situation, you may be considering homeschooling as an alternative. Despite being halfway through the school year, there are options to make a mid-year transition easy for any family. Enrolling in an accredited distance learning program such as Laurel Springs School can offer your family the structure needed to ease the transition into homeschooling. Laurel Springs School is an accredited online private school offering single course enrollments as well as full-time enrollments for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. When shifting to homeschooling midway through the school year, the support of a structured academic program can help make this transition seamless.

Some benefits offered by Laurel Springs School that help make this academic transition easier are:

  • Open Enrollment: Students can enroll in a course and begin any day of the year
  • Variety of Course Offerings: Laurel Springs School offers a variety of college preparatory courses, as well as Honors, AP, World Languages, and Electives. Many of our courses are offered in two parts, which helps to make this a smooth change for students transferring midyear
  • Personalized Academics: Students have the option of taking many of our courses in either online or text-based curriculum. Our competency-based learning model allows students to demonstrate mastery of academic content and provides teachers with the opportunity to offer personalized feedback on each assignment
  • Teacher Support: Students have access to their own teachers who guide families through the learning process by personalizing courses to meet student needs and offering ongoing support and feedback. Laurel Springs’ teachers are fully qualified, experienced professionals, many of whom possess an advanced degree and learning styles training

If you are considering homeschooling your student midway through the school year, Laurel Springs can help make this a smooth transition for your family. Through the use of a learning styles profile assessment and the option for text-based or online curriculum, our individualized approach to distance learning allows the unique needs of each student to be met. For more information about Laurel Springs School, visit our website,, or download our course catalog. Our admissions staff are available at (800) 377-5890 to answer any questions you may have about Laurel Springs School’s enrollment process.