Consider Enrolling With Laurel Springs to Complement Your Child’s Academic Experience

September 26, 2017

Consider Enrolling With Laurel Springs to Complement Your Child’s Academic Experience

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“Over the last 26 years, many things have changed, but the one thing that has remained the same is Laurel Springs’ dedication to providing a personalized, flexible learning environment to meet each child’s unique interests, talents, and learning style – no matter their location or circumstances.”

Megan O’Reilly Palevich, M.Ed.
Laurel Springs School Director of Education and School Principal

For homeschool families around the world, it’s that exciting time of year when your children settle into their academic experiences. Since 1991, Laurel Springs School (LSS) has partnered with families like yours in every US State and 83 countries across the globe to support your homeschooling efforts. If you’re still searching for academic options that best suits your family’s journey, we invite you to experience Laurel Springs School. Our online distance-learning program enables children to study with LSS full-time or to simply register for individual courses, and our rolling enrollment means children can start at any point during the year.

As an accredited online school, Laurel Springs meets the highest standards of excellence and offers children and their families the peace of mind that comes from a high-quality academic curriculum

By implementing a personalized approach to learning, we provide students with a plan that supports their individual strengths, and our asynchronous learning model allows students to engage in lessons when it’s most beneficial for them. This flexibility gives them the chance to grow and excel by moving faster or slower through course material, depending on their individual skills and knowledge.

Children  in our Lower School are engaged through hands-on projects, a beneficial method of learning that activates the brains of younger learners. In Middle School classes, we focus on building self-esteem and laying the groundwork for success in Upper School, while continuing to nurture a natural love of learning.

As young learners reach the Upper School, they will enjoy challenging competency-based classes that combine college-level preparation with the opportunity to cultivate their own passions and talents. We offer 124 College-Prep courses, 47 Honors & AP courses, and 15 World Language courses, with most being approved by both the NCAA and the University of California a-g.

A child’s academic success depends on having a strong support system in place, and our experienced teachers and school counselors work together with you to help your child prosper.

To reinforce this support, we implement sophisticated technologies that assist a student’s academic efforts. For instance, our newly unveiled ASK LSS (powered by YUP) is a valuable resource that provides Upper School students with 24/7, on-demand access to instructional support via their mobile devices.

We invite you to discover the full advantages of Laurel Springs’ curriculum and support services by attending one of our informative Virtual Open Houses led by our knowledgeable Leadership Team. Visit for more information or call our Admissions department to get started today – (800) 377-5890.