Expand Your Homeschooling Options


 November 15, 2017

Expand Your Homeschooling Options

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Homeschool families are looking for a personalized approach that fits their child’s learning style, offers flexible scheduling, and provides opportunities for collaboration.  Laurel Springs School offers families the peace of mind of a fully accredited school program with an approach to learning that is dynamic, interactive, and designed to challenge students to stretch themselves in new ways.

With the support of your designated academic coach, families add to their homeschooling experiences with Laurel Springs’ curriculum and enrich their child’s academic program by incorporating local resources. When working in partnership with Laurel Springs’, parents no longer  need to be experts in every subject area. We know that there is an endless source of inspiration and learning available to children within their very own communities and believe that hands-on experiences are part of every child’s education. Our goal is to develop an educational program that fits your child intellectually, emotionally, and developmentally.

Please take a moment to browse our Program of Study to explore courses your child may enjoy as part of their educational journey. To get started, read recommendations from families who have successfully integrated Laurel Springs into their child’s academic experiences.

I also encourage you to attend one of our upcoming Virtual Open House events.  During the session we will discuss curriculum pathways,  learning modalities, the student-teacher relationship, support resources, and socialization opportunities available in our online environment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any additional questions you may have.

Stacy Geyer
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