Prepare for College With a Proven Homeschool Partner


Prepare for College with a Proven Homeschool Partner

Is your homeschooler thinking about college? Partnering with a college prep homeschool program and a college counselor will save you from many sleepless nights, especially during a recession.

A reputable college prep homeschool program must have the appropriate services in place to hold your hand and advise you as you chart the unknown waters of the college application process. Many families don’t realize there are steps to take as early as middle school to ensure your child’s college placement. And during these hard economic times, families can benefit from a knowledgeable financial aid and scholarship advisor.

January 14, 2009

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Good preparation for college means early preparation. It makes sense for homeschoolers to partner with a reputable homeschooling program designed for successful admittance to college, like the Laurel Springs College Preparatory Distance Learning program.

Laurel Springs School is an accredited, college prep private school offering distance learning programs and teacher services for students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. Laurel Springs works with college-bound students to complete the required courses for college acceptance.


Laurel Springs School Helps Students Stay on Track


To assure your student achieves breadth in their education, Laurel Springs School offers two College Prep Tracks that help prepare your student for admission to moderately and highly selective colleges.


  • College Prep Track 1 – Prepares your child for admission to moderately selective colleges and requires 4 years of English, history, and electives, as well as 3 years of math, and 2 years each of science, foreign language and physical education.

  • College Prep Track 2 – Provides more rigorous course requirements for applying to highly selective colleges. This program is similar to College Prep Track 2, but requires higher level courses for science, foreign language, and science labs.


Laurel Springs School Recommends Starting the College Preparation Process Early


Most colleges have specific admission requirements, especially in science, math and language arts. A college advisory partner will tell you that waiting too long to take these classes may prevent your student from being considered by their desired college. In order to fulfill all the class and testing requirements needed for college admission, Laurel Springs School recommends starting the college preparation process as early as the freshman year of high school, and for some students as early as middle school.


More than 85% of Laurel Springs Graduates Attend College


Laurel Springs high school students consistently excel in their curricula and as a result, their SAT scores are higher than the national average and they go on to the best colleges and universities. A diploma from Laurel Springs—a WASC-accredited distance learning program—is recognized by colleges and major universities everywhere. Laurel Springs is invested in the academic success of all students wishing to attend the college that best matches their academic, athletic and other unique talents. That’s why Laurel Springs offers a rigorous high school curriculum that teaches critical thinking, an essential skill for the college-bound student. Plus, Laurel Springs provides students with challenging and creative lessons that are aligned with state standards.


“Chelsea’s Dad and I are very happy to share the great news that Chelsea received official word from Columbia.  She will also be playing for the women’s tennis team. Thank you Laurel Springs for your help and support and for providing an educational environment that allowed Chelsea to ultimately reach her goal of attending and playing for an Ivy League school. Her teachers have been wonderful and Chelsea continues to enjoy working with all of them.”
– Mother of Chelsea Davis, Laurel Springs Senior 2009


Laurel Springs School Mentors Students as they Prepare for College


Laurel Springs School offers College Counseling to all high school college prep students by a team of counselors who help with recommendations and college applications. This can be a huge help to parents of high school students. As a special service to the college-bound student, Laurel Springs offers a comprehensive college placement program called CollegeKey. In the CollegeKey program, students from 9th to 12th grade work closely with a personal mentor who guides them through the entire college preparation and admission process. One-to-one coaching with weekly meetings helps students develop their personal, academic and professional goals as they mature through the high school years. This collaboration ensures that, in addition to excellent academic preparation, Laurel Springs students receive the best coaching and mentoring for college selection and application and the best chance at acceptance to the colleges of their choice.


Laurel Springs Students Have Received More Than $4.7 Million in College Scholarships


Laurel Springs has a track record of high college acceptance rates and high scholarship recipients. The graduating class of 2008 received $1.5 million dollars in scholarships, and over the last three years students received $4.7 million in scholarships.


“Spencer has received early admittance to Northwestern University as a scholarship tennis athlete and the education he has received from Laurel Springs has been terrific. The curriculum was right on!” – father of Spencer Wolf, Laurel Springs senior 2009.


The college decision is an important one, so don’t make it at the last minute or without careful thought. Deciding on a college can be an exciting process for you and your student—starting early and letting Laurel Springs help with the process will ensure an easy transition from homeschooling, to their college experience.

To request a free Laurel Springs catalog please visit their Website or contact them via phone at (800) 377-5890. More information and testimonials can be found on their Website.

NOTE: Your student’s college of choice may have an early application deadline so double check the application dates for each school your child is interested in attending. Some of the more selective colleges want you to apply as early as junior year, while others have later application deadlines. Deadline for college scholarships may be as early as December 1 or as late as May 31st. College tuition is expensive, so don’t miss out on financial aid that you may have received if you had applied earlier!