Preparing Homeschoolers for College Admission


Preparing Homeschoolers for College Admission


As parents, we want our children to aim high and to believe the goal of attending college is achievable. To help our children meet this goal, we sacrifice to provide the opportunities that will allow them to attend college. We invest in their futures monetarily, we help them with homework, we advise them, we entice them, and we push them. We do all that we can to maximize our children’s opportunities!

August 10, 2009

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Laurel Springs School, an accredited distance learning private school, also assists in providing these opportunities to our children by offering exceptional college prep programs and college prep assistance. Laurel Springs is very successful at this, as their graduates:

  • Have an exceptionally high college acceptance rate, with 85% of graduates going on to higher education. 99% of students gain admission to the school of their choice including prestigious institutions such as Harvard, University of California at Berkeley, University of Chicago, Yale, etc.
  • Have higher scores than the national average on SAT and ACT tests.
  • Average more than $1,000,000 per year in scholarship monies.
  • Online High School Curriculum

    Simply stated, the Laurel Springs online high school program is designed to get students into college. The Laurel Springs high school curriculum provides everything colleges want to see on your student’s transcript. Laurel Springs offers a rigorous academic curriculum that is text based and web based, and is paired with the most personalized support from teachers and staff.

    Families can combine the following curriculum options to create an optimal learning experience:


    A diploma from Laurel Springs—a WASC-accredited distance learning program—is recognized by colleges and major universities everywhere.

    Services for the college-bound student

    Depending on their own personal desires and future goals, high school students create a curriculum of studies customized just for them. Students can construct a high school curriculum to prepare them for college and earn a college-prep academic diploma upon completing 225 units (credits) of academic and elective courses. Students earn 10 units (1 year) of credit for each 36-week course.

    An Enrollment Advisor will work with each high school student on an official academic plan for graduation and to earn a diploma.


    Laurel Springs offers the following options to assist your students with their college goals:


    • Full academic planning
    • Students choose from two career and college prep and planning programs:
      • College Prep Program with MyEdge
      • Premier College Prep Program with CollegeKey
    • Information on CHSPE, PSAT and SAT
    • UC/CSU Eligibility Plans
    • NCAA Eligibility Plans
    • College research including trends and entrance requirements
    • Informative newsletters preparing for college exams and guidelines
    • College recommendations and applications

    The Laurel Springs Chapter of the National Honor Society

    Laurel Springs also offers two college and career planning programs to high school students: the College Prep Program and the Premier College Prep Program.


    College Prep Program


    MyEdge—A highly personalized online resource center, powered by Peterson’s StudentEdge, where students find everything they need to orient themselves for life after high school, both academically and professionally. The self-directed program includes test preparation programs as well as advanced search tools for colleges, financial aid and scholarship sources. It also provides an extensive career assessment section. Students and parents become active partners in the process with easy-to-use personal profiling tools.


    • Explore Careers – students learn about professions that match their skills and interests
    • Write a Résumé – students use the provided tools to compose a strong and persuasive résumé
    • Prepare for Standard Tests – SAT, ACT, PSAT, SAT Subject Tests, CLEP, AP and ASVAB
    • Search for Schools – students find the colleges that best meet their needs and aspirations
    • Pay for College – students plan ahead and find the financial resources needed for their further education 


    Premier College Prep Program


    CollegeKey—Laurel Springs is invested in the academic success of all students wishing to attend the college that best matches their academic, athletic and other unique talents. With CollegeKey, students from 9th to 12th grade work closely with a personal mentor who guides them through the entire college preparation and admission process. One-to-one coaching with weekly meetings helps students develop their personal, academic and professional goals as they mature through the high school years. This collaboration ensures that, in addition to excellent academic preparation, Laurel Springs students receive the best coaching and mentoring for college selection and application and the best chance at acceptance to the colleges of their choice.


    • Comprehensive coaching, counseling and mentoring through weekly phone meetings
    • Goal setting—personal, academic, professional
    • Academic planning and test preparation
    • Development of a student profile
    • Assistance in application process, essay writing, campus visits, etc.  

    The college decision is an important one, so don’t make it at the last minute or without careful thought. Deciding on a college can be an exciting process for you and your student—starting early and letting Laurel Springs help with the process will ensure an easy transition from homeschooling, to their college experience.

    To request a free Laurel Springs catalog please visit their Website or contact them via phone at (800) 377-5890. More information and testimonials can be found on their Website


    “At Laurel Springs we provide open enrollment but we encourage fall enrollment so our students stay on track for college. We have very high college acceptance rates and our students are accepted to the top colleges and universities. This is a result of our Premier College Prep Program that assigns high school students to a personal college placement counselor. ” ~Marilyn Mosley Gordanier, founder and executive director of Laurel Spring School.