Mike Huckabee has a Free History DVD for you


Give Your Kids The Greatest Way To Learn U.S. History!
Let “Learn Our History” Into Your Homeschool
And Get A FREE* DVD!

February 21, 2012
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Great news for all friends of Homeschool.com! Governor Mike Huckabee has selected you to receive a FREE History DVD to introduce you to his new education company called “Learn Our History.” The company produces a great series of animated DVDs that teach children all about US History from a positive, patriotic standpoint.

While the company’s videos are perfect for any parent who wants to give their children a fun way to learn American history, Learn Our History videos quickly became an instant hit with homeschoolers everywhere because the videos make it easy and FUN for any child to learn our nation’s great history in the home environment!

The videos follow the tales of the TimeCycle Academy, a group of ambitious students who build a neat time machine to go back in time and witness American history in the making. Each video gives children a front row seat to the action, making it a thrill to learn America’s most fascinating stories!



In the past year, thousands of homeschool families have already discovered the impact that Learn Our History DVDs can have on homeschool history lessons. Now, Learn Our History is helping even more families–including yours– by making these remarkable videos more accessible than ever before! Mike Huckabee’s team has pulled out all the stops to put together an exclusive offer for friends of Homeschool.com.

Order the brand-new introductory DVD “Columbus And The Great Discovery” for your homeschool, and Learn Our History will send you a second DVD, “The Birth Of A Revolution”, absolutely FREE!

Your kids can enjoy “Columbus & The Great Discovery” for 30 days. If they don’t love it and learn, just send it back and Learn Our History will refund your entire $9.95 purchase price. Either way, your FREE DVD “The Birth of a Revolution” is yours to keep, no matter what you decide!

And the best news is that you can choose to keep the fun and learning going all year long! That’s because each month, you’ll have the opportunity to let your child preview a new Learn Our History video without risk or obligation! You’re never under any obligation to pay for any video you don’t want.

Go ahead and help the children in your life discover a newfound appreciation for our great nation’s history! Take advantage of this exciting FREE DVD offer now! Just click here to get started.

*Plus $3.95s&h, when you purchase the Columbus DVD at the regular introductory price.