A FREE DVD for kids about how we choose our president

 February 8, 2016

A FREE DVD for kids about
how we choose our president


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When it comes to U.S. History, few topics are more difficult for kids to understand than our nation’s complicated election process and how it came to be. From interpreting the important differences between a Primary and a Caucus, to understanding that the Electoral College isn’t a place for higher education, kids can easily become confused!

With the upcoming Primaries and Caucuses just around the corner, there’s no better time to help your children understand the road to the White House! That’s why we’re excited to tell you about Learn Our History’s DVD, Election Day: Choosing Our President. We’ve made it really easy and very fun for kids of all ages to grasp what it takes to become president!

And right now, this exceptional DVD is FREE when you try Learn Our History videos. But why is Learn Our History giving away this DVD for FREE? Because understanding how we elect our president is at the root of our democracy, and it’s one of the most important topics kids need to understand as the future decision-makers of our country!

This exciting and FREE DVD takes your kids back in time to discover how we created our presidential election process. In addition to learning about the primaries and caucuses, they will also learn why the presidential debates are so important, the significance of the party conventions, how the Electoral College works, and so much more!

Plus, you’ll get FREE downloadable learning guides that are great for reinforcing the lesson from the DVD. We’ll also include FREE online streaming of your video from any internet-connected device!

If you haven’t tried Learn Our History yet, Election Day: Choosing Our President is the perfect place to start! We just ask that you cover $1 in s&p—a small price to pay to help your kids understand the presidential election process. *And, as part of this special offer, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive a new Learn Our History DVD about once a month at our regular low price, complete with FREE learning guides and FREE online video streaming, too. Of course, since this is a FREE offer, there’s no commitment whatsoever and you’re under no obligation to purchase anything at all!

But hurry—Election Day: Choosing Our President is sure to be a big hit with parents across the country, and our supplies are limited to the earliest responders, so claim your free copy now!


Mike Huckabee, Co-Founder, Learn Our History

P.S. Don’t forget! Understanding the election process is so important for children that we’re giving away a FREE copy of Learn Our History’s DVD, Election Day: Choosing Our President! But hurry—once our supplies run out, so will this incredible offer!