Send your kids on a Drive Thru History with this FREE DVD

 May 23, 2016

Send your kids on a Drive Thru History
with this FREE DVD

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Dear Parents,

Your kids already know that Christopher Columbus discovered America. But do they really know the whole story?

In this FREE “Drive Thru History” DVD called Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, from Learn Our History, your kids will go on a wild ride with history buff, Dave Stotts, to discover the incredible story of America!

As they join Dave on this exhilarating adventure, he will reveal amazing, little-known facts that will shape their appreciation of how America came to be. And along the way, they’ll discover the many challenges and plights that Christopher Columbus went through to discover the new world! It’s exciting entertainment that will keep your kids on the edge of their seats!

Along with your FREE DVD, you’ll receive FREE downloadable learning guides that are designed to help reinforce the lessons in the story. Plus, you’ll also get FREE online streaming of the film for anytime/anywhere viewing from any internet-connected device!

The DVD, lesson guides and online streaming are absolutely FREE. We just ask you to cover $1 s&p for your DVD. And when you claim your FREE DVD today, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive a new Drive Thru History DVD from Learn Our History with free online streaming and downloadable learning guides about once a month at a great low price!

Of course, since this is a FREE offer, there’s absolutely no commitment whatsoever and you’re under no obligation to purchase anything at all!

So don’t wait, get your FREE DVD today and share this exciting learning adventure about Christopher Columbus and his great discovery!


Your friends at Learn Our History

P.S. This special offer is only available while supplies last! Order your FREE Drive Thru History DVD from Learn Our History, now!

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