A FREE Christmas DVD for kids from the creator of VeggieTales®

 November 7, 2016

A FREE Christmas DVD for kids from
the creator of VeggieTales®

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This FREE DVD offer will help your kids understand the real meaning of Christmas!

Dear Parents,

Ever wonder “Why do we call it Christmas?” Have your kids asked, “Why do we cut down trees for Christmas?” Or, “Where did Santa Claus come from, when the Christmas celebration is about Jesus’ birth?”

Now, you and your family can get all of the answers right here, in this FREE DVD from VeggieTales creator, Phil Vischer, called “Why Do We Call It Christmas?”

In this festive DVD, your kids will take part in a merry adventure with intrepid newsman, Buck Denver, to discover the story of Christmas! Along the way, they’ll learn how today’s traditions of cutting down trees, hanging stockings and gifts from Santa are all part of the celebration of Jesus’ birth. It’s exciting entertainment for the entire family!

As an added bonus, your FREE DVD comes with access to FREE downloadable learning guides that are designed to help reinforce the messages in the story. Plus, you’ll also get free online streaming of the film for anytime/anywhere viewing from any internet-connected device!

The DVD and lesson guides are absolutely FREE. We just ask you to cover $1 s&p for your DVD. *And when you claim your FREE DVD today, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive a new What’s in the Bible DVD with free online streaming and downloadable learning guides about once a month at a great low price!

Of course, since this is a FREE offer, there’s absolutely no commitment whatsoever and you’re under no obligation to purchase anything at all!

So don’t wait, get your FREE DVD today and finally, answer the question your kids ask every year – “Why do we call it Christmas?”

Merry Christmas!

Your friends at Family Bible Films

P.S. Get your family into the Christmas spirit this holiday season! Order your FREE DVD, “Why Do We Call It Christmas?”, now!