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If you’re like most homeschoolers, one of the reasons you’ve chosen to homeschool is because you’re concerned at the way public schools are trying to remove God from the classroom and our history books. Too many children don’t know the story of God’s role in American history. But we must pass it on to them!

That’s why the children’s educational company, Learn Our History, created the new DVD, One Nation Under God. This exceptional DVD is so important that you can have it for FREE when you try Learn Our History!



Learn Our History is giving away this FREE DVD because understanding God’s role in American history is critical to understanding how America came to be and how our faith in God has shaped the nation we live in today.



Your whole family is bound to love One Nation Under God. In this thrilling DVD, you’ll follow the adventures of five time�traveling history students on a quest to discover how God’s love helped create a nation built upon our God�given rights where all can be free to worship Him.

If you haven’t tried Learn Our History DVDs yet, One Nation Under God is the perfect place to start! you just need to cover $4.95 in s&h–a small price to share the story of God’s love for the United States of America with your children.

As part of this special offer, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a new Learn Our History DVD about once a month at our regular low price–It’s the perfect way for your children to learn American history from a patriotic, faith�based standpoint! Of course, since this is a FREE offer, there’s no absolutely no commitment whatsoever and you’re under no obligation to purchase anything at all!

But hurry–One Nation Under God is sure to be a big hit with homeschoolers across the country, and supplies are limited to the earliest responders, so claim your free copy now!



P.S.–Don’t forget. One Nation Under God is a story you will want your children to know, and you can have it for FREE when you try Learn Our History DVDs!