Women in History DVD study

How much does your daughter know about the influential women throughout history who fought to win rights for all women in America and who went on to accomplish so many great things? When your daughter learns about the fascinating stories and victories of heroic women in American history, she too will believe that she can achieve anything.

In recognition of the great women leaders throughout our history, and in celebration of Women’s Equality Day this week, Learn Our History is excited to let you know about their DVD history series and homeschool lesson, Ladies of Liberty: A History of Women In America! Click through to our video page to see all of the videos that we offer.

In this fun, animated adventure back in time, your daughter will meet some of the most influential women who helped shape America and who fought for equality throughout our nation’s history—from the Suffragettes who fought to win voting rights for women and Harriet Tubman who escaped slavery and became a leading abolitionist, to Clara Barton who founded the Red Cross, and Amelia Earhart who was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, your daughter will be inspired by the accomplishments of these and so many other great women featured in this historical and engaging DVD!

You can now subscribe to Learn Our History and get 4 lessons each month for less than $10 a lesson. This includes the DVD and free streaming as well as accompanying lessons.