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October 8, 2009

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The Internet provides a wealth of knowledge you can use in your homeschool program. Unfortunately, finding the right lesson or activity at the right time can be both difficult and time-consuming. If your child suddenly declares a passion for the study of electricity, you don’t want to waste time scouring the internet for reading materials and fun projects; you want to get right down to the business of exploring his/her interest. Likewise, if you’ve decided to teach your child about the American Revolution, you’ll want an easy source of information that will allow you to make history come alive for your child. was designed to help you use the Internet to your advantage while reserving plenty of time to teach your children and enjoy other activities. This innovative educational tool provides prescreened Pathway units for Years K through 5, covering the core subjects of history, language arts, math, and science. You’ll find a wide range of resources in each unit, including reading material, worksheets, videos, games, experiments, and hands-on activities. Many Pathways also include audio resources, e-books, and reference pages for those who want to delve even deeper into a topic.

Just choose the grade level that best suits your child’s needs and complete one Pathway per week in each core subject. The Guided Journeys are carefully planned, so you don’t have to spend hours on research. Each unit is ready to use; you can simply click on a Pathway and get started! Has your child already covered the material in one of our Guided Journeys? That’s no problem; just select the next grade level for that particular subject. You can mix and match Guided Journeys to fully customize your child’s learning experience.

Subscriptions as low as $4 per month per family can be used as a complete online curriculum or as a supplement. Here are some of your options:

  1. Use as a homeschool curriculum, completing one Pathway per subject each week. This would mean completing one history Pathway, one language arts Pathway, one math Pathway, and once science Pathway each week.
  2. Use as a supplement, completing Pathways as desired to enhance your current curriculum. For example, you might use our George Washington unit to supplement your history curriculum, or you might use the activities in our math units to help your child better understand the concepts he or she is learning from your arithmetic program.
  3. You can also use for some subjects and not others. You might choose Pathways for language arts and science, for example, and use other curriculum choices for math and history.

As a parent, you will appreciate that all Pathway resources are prescreened to ensure that they are age-appropriate and informative, and each one is developed to appeal to various learning styles. So browse….take a tour….learn about


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Take some time to explore Lesson Pathways and experience the convenience of having quality resources ready for your use, whenever you need them. Watch your child’s face brighten as s/he enjoys a multisensory education, with quality content from a wide range of websites. Use the website’s handy Planner to stay organized and plan your next exciting homeschool exploration. Combine Pathways to make unit studies that are tailored to your child’s unique needs and interests.

See how easy and fun homeschooling can be with!



What Are Homeschoolers Saying About Lesson Pathways?


“This is something that ALL homeschoolers should want to invest in.  I am in total awe at how much information is put into each pathway.  No book could ever contain all the info that Lesson Pathways has put together.  This is, by far the most comprehensive curriculum program that I have ever seen.  And for the price, you couldn’t beat it!”
 – Dana Carroll


“Love the site and can’t believe how organized it is. I plan on using it a lot. Working with 7 year old gal with aspergers here.  The more I look thru the site the more I love it…its like having the whole web of educational resources organized in one place! For that I thank you!!”
 – Barbara D., near Green Bay, WI


“I’ve only known about Lesson Pathways for a few hours and I already love it!  Finally, the exact curriculum I wanted with the same type of activities and resources, but it’s already been pulled together for me! Thanks!”
 – Stacy J., NE Ohio


“I have been searching high and low for ideas without having to buy a “boxed” curriculum. So far I am liking what I am seeing.”
 – Kimberly C.