Our LeTourneau family can’t wait to partner with yours

 January 14, 2016

Our LeTourneau family can’t wait to partner with yours

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There are a ton of reasons to homeschool. Diminishing quality and resources in the public education system. The desire to instill values and build character into your kids. Greater opportunities for hands-on education and one-on-one teaching. We understand homeschooling families because our goals are the same as yours. Almost one out of every four of our students have come from homeschooling families. And many of our faculty and staff homeschool their own kids.

You’ve spent 18 years pouring into your children. That investment of time, treasure, and resources will pay amazing dividends in the lives that they lead. Sending them off to college should continue to build upon what you’ve begun. At LeTourneau University, this is our worldview. It is our mission. It’s one we take seriously. So much so that we have one of the largest endowed scholarships in the nation available only to homeschooled students.

LeTourneau University is a place where learning means using your hands to build. Every one of our freshman engineering students builds their own 3D printer. They aren’t just using commercial 3D printers in projects. They build their own…during their very first semester of college. A couple of years ago, LeTourneau set the Guinness Book of World Records record for the most 3D printers printing simultaneously. Guinness thought it was pretty amazing, but for us, it was just another day on our campus. Our students were simply doing what they do: building, working, and putting their brilliance and ingenuity to the test.

LeTourneau University is a place where our Christian faith means putting action behind our theology. That happens through daily class devotions, prayer, Bible study, and an incredible chapel program. But more than that, it happens through mission trips and in the late night hours in our dorms where Christian community is strengthened one relationship at a time. Putting action to faith also means using our ingenuity to solve world problems, here, now. It means inventing new technologies for foot-powered water wells being used in Senegal, West Africa. It means inventing and producing low-cost wind turbines currently being used in Mongolia to bring electric power to people without. It means helping to develop new wheel chair technologies durable enough to handle the rough terrain of Kenya.

We believe that these are exactly the types of experiences and opportunities that you want for your student.

For almost 70 years, LeTourneau University has built a reputation of quality, ingenuity, faith, and opportunity. For the past two years, Payscale.com has ranked LeTourneau University in the top ten in “Return on Investment” in the State of Texas’ colleges. When you review that list closely, you’ll notice that when looking at Christian schools, we’re not only in the top ten. We are number ONE! Our students get great and great-paying jobs after graduation. 9 out of 10 of them are either employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. Our founder, R.G. LeTourneau, always believed that “God needs businessmen as well as pastors.” We really love that here and embody it. God hasn’t called everyone to be a fulltime pastor, but He has called us all to carry our faith into our professions. And to be the very best that we can be at everything we do.

Our LeTourneau family can’t wait to partner with you as you consider your options for college! Our registrar’s office is uniquely equipped to help you build your high school transcript as we gladly accept homeschool transcripts. Our financial aid office is here to help you make sense of the financial aid process and to make your LeTourneau University education as affordable as possible. Our admissions team will never put pressure on you, but will be here day and night to answer your questions and help your student transition into four of the best years of his or her life. Their success is our success. You’ve worked hard to provide your student with incredible opportunities to learn. We’d be honored to continue that journey, together.

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