Teaching Math to your Child? Remember that Practice Makes Perfect, and to KEEP IT FUN!


Teaching Math to your Child? Remember that Practice Makes Perfect, and to KEEP IT FUN!

May 19, 2009

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Although many students are leery when it comes to math, they can become engaged when learning is made fun through games and interactive activities. One such site that offers this is LiveMathBowl.com, a math site with over 750 learning activities and trusted and used by more than 5000 schools and over 1,000,000 children worldwide, and best of all, LiveMathBowl is a great tool for homeschoolers.

If you want your student to get the most out of home learning; it is important to have some things handy at every lesson. If you are involved in full-time homeschooling, may find it helpful to yourself and beneficial to you student if your lessons are distinguishable in style. Remember; keep the lesson structure flexible to avoid boredom and to encourage stimulated learning. For example, use math games to make it fun and more relaxed.


For example; rather than having a 2 hour math lesson at 10am every day, mix it up a bit. Try doing worksheets in the morning and math games in the afternoon, or vice versa. Switch it up. This will help your child engage in the activities and be more interested. Think up your own imaginative ideas on how to practice math with your child. Go outside, to the grocery story, etc. If you apply this idea, then when you take your lessons back inside, you can expect your student to have much better results and be a more settled student.


Practice makes perfect when trying to teach math at home. An independent study of over 1.1 billion LiveMathBowl questions from over 750 activities proved that after multiple attempts student results will increase from an average first attempt grade of 78.4% to 94.9%

If your child has trouble with a certain theory, try to explain it to them in different ways. Get them to practice sample questions and problems so that they understand how the theory is applied and therefore, how it really works.

In the same way that a music student would learn to perfect a musical piece through constant practice, a math student should do the same. Repetition is the key, and practice will breed results. So make sure you have access to ample teaching resources, worksheets and plenty of fun math games of varying styles for your children, and you should be set for success!

Like everyone else teaching math at home, I’m sure you’ll want to know where you can get more teaching resources and more ways to get your children interested in math? Try LiveMathBowl.com. It’s a great resource for homeschoolers and your children will have a blast.

LiveMathBowl.com has a number of unique features that strongly supports home schooled students.


  • Self-paced AND 24/7 Support – Students are able to work through the curriculum at their own pace with immediate feedback and are assisted by an online support center — 24 hours a day/7 days a week!
  • Full Math Curriculum – Covers ALL aspects of Mathematic curriculum and it contains MORE THAN 750 learning activities!
  • Tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses – It’s adaptive, tailored questions based on the ability of the individual child. LiveMathBowl is a proven resource to improve average scores in Math.
  • Fosters a stimulating & exciting on-line learning community – Access to live mental arithmatic challenges with students of a similar age & ability from all over the world!
  • Recognition, Rewards & Reports – Hall of Fame & certificates recognize and reward student’s participation and achievement. Parents will receive a weekly email of student’s progress and monitor results via the dedicated parent centre.
  • Create your OWN Avatar – Students can create their own individual avatar by selecting their hair style, facial features & even their outfit! Achieving high scores and certificates throughout LiveMathBowl will enable students to gain credits to get additional accessories and styles for their Avatar.

LiveMathBowl.com provides programs for students in K-8. The Kindergarten Math Course has a total of 19 activities and covers the topics of sorting and naming shapes and objects; knowing numbers and patterns; measurement and money; and getting ready to add and subtract. The 8th grade math course includes 93 total curriculum activities and covers the topics of integers; rational numbers; exponents and square roots; ratio; proportion; percent; expressions and equations; geometry; measurement; data and probability and statistics; and coordinate geometry and inequalities.

LiveMathBowl.com uses animation to make learning fun! They also offer a safe online community, so although your child may play other students, there is no communication with or between students. What a great feature! The game engine selects games based on your child’s skill level and competing children’s recent averages, so the games are as fair as possible. One game lasts 60 seconds during which the child has to answer as many questions correctly as possible while racing against the clock. Students are able to see their results immediately and step-by-step animated support is also available to help your student with his/her mistakes—it’s like having a teacher 24 hours a day.

Students find success with LiveMathBowl—over 200,000 children have more than doubled their online math scores. This is a site that truly helps your at-home mathematician.

What are homeschooling parents and teachers saying about LiveMathBowl.com?


“I love LiveMathBowl. My grandson uses it through his public school. He came to stay with us for three months a couple of years ago. Because LiveMathBowl is a computer based math program he was able to continue to work on his math while he was visiting. I was intrigued with the program and also his willingness to work on it while he was on vacation. I home school my youngest 4 children and decided to incorporate it into our curriculum. We are into our second year with LiveMathBowl and I am very impressed with it. Thank You LiveMathBowl!” 


Georgina Kent, Providence, Utah.


“I am amazed at how even some of my low achievers in math are really taking to it and are showing improvement. They love the competition! Would you believe that they ask (beg in fact!) to stay in for recesses to work on it!”


Beth Buchanan, Springfield PS, Canada

“My daughter got her first certificate in one sitting at the computer with Live Math Bowl. I have never seen her more motivated. Since then she has finished several more activities. We are thrilled! I wanted to comment on some aspects of Live Math Bowl from a former special educator’s point of view. I love that the questions are written simply and clearly with only one on a page, and that they are colorful, yet simple so as not to over-stimulate visually. I also love the quick feedback and reward system built into the program. Also, I think it is great that there is an option after completing the unit tests to go to something harder or easier and that the student can re-try the activities to achieve success. This program is the best I have seen and I highly recommended it. “

Pam Ryan, Homeschooling Mom, Adamstown Maryland

The annual subscription to LiveMathBowl is only $59.00. This provides children with 24 hours, 7 days a week access to LiveMathBowl for 12 months. What an amazing deal! There’s even an unconditional 10-day money back guarantee. Click here to try LiveMathBowl.com and help your child succeed in math.