Teaching Math to your Child? Remember that Practice Makes Perfect, and to KEEP IT FUN!


Although many students are leery when it comes to math, they can become engaged when learning is made fun through games and interactive activities. 

If you want your student to get the most out of home learning; it is important to have some things handy at every lesson. If you are involved in full-time homeschooling, may find it helpful to yourself and beneficial to your student if your lessons are distinguishable in style. Remember; keep the lesson structure flexible to avoid boredom and to encourage stimulated learning. For example, use math games to make it fun and more relaxed.


For example; rather than having a 2-hour math lesson at 10 am every day, mix it up a bit. Try doing worksheets in the morning and math games in the afternoon, or vice versa. Switch it up. This will help your child engage in the activities and be more interested. Think up your own imaginative ideas on how to practice math with your child. Go outside, to the grocery store, etc. If you apply this idea, then when you take your lessons back inside, you can expect your student to have much better results and be a more settled student.

Practice makes perfect when trying to teach math at home. An independent study of over 1.1 billion LiveMathBowl questions from over 750 activities proved that after multiple attempts student results will increase from an average first attempt grade of 78.4% to 94.9%

If your child has trouble with a certain theory, try to explain it to them in different ways. Get them to practice sample questions and problems so that they understand how the theory is applied and therefore, how it really works.

In the same way that a music student would learn to perfect a musical piece through constant practice, a math student should do the same. Repetition is the key, and practice will breed results. So make sure you have access to ample teaching resources, worksheets and plenty of fun math games of varying styles for your children, and you should be set for success!