Meet Lulu Jr. & Get Your Child Excited About Writing

September 25, 2014
Meet Lulu Jr. & Get Your Child Excited About Writing
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A child’s mind is a thing of boundless curiosity and creativity. Their imaginations can create new worlds at the drop of a hat, but when it comes to completing a writing assignment many children can find the task daunting and may find it hard to stay motivated and complete the task.

As parents (and as teachers), the impetus is on us to act as a guide to ensure our children achieve their writing goals. The benefits are clear: Providing children with the ability to express themselves through the written word at a young age opens myriad possibilities for self-expression, while simultaneously building confidence and reassurance in their communication abilities.

At Lulu Jr., it is our mission to inspire creativity, strengthen literacy skills and build self-esteem among children. We want to help motivate children to achieve their writing goals by helping bring their stories to life as published books.

Our Education Programs are the latest advancement in storytelling and they support elementary school level writing and language arts curricula through project based learning, communication and collaboration at a time when children are developing their skills as storytellers, writers and critical thinkers. Our Storybook program allows each child to write and illustrate his or her own hardcover book, and is designed to be flexible enough to support individual creativity and needs.

The best part? It’s always free to participate in the program, including planning, writing, illustrating and publishing the book. Once completed, parents and students can order the final work as a professionally printed and bound hardcover book.

Writing can undoubtedly be tough, but it helps children learn to organize their thoughts and use written language to communicate in a variety of ways while improving reading and comprehension skills. Once the hardcover book arrives the excitement a child feels is palpable, and it makes all the hard work worth it.

Be sure to explore Lulu Jr.’s Education Programs. We look forward to helping your child’s stories come to life!