We’re Method Test Prep – and we’re here to help.

January 12, 2015

We’re Method Test Prep – and We’re Here to Help.

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Hi Homeschooler,
We’re Method Test Prep – and we’re here to help.

Best of all, we’re offering an amazing selection of prep resources to help your students succeed!

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We know you have a lot on your plate as a homeschool parent – and if your child is in high school, that plate is growing even fuller. College prep isn’t always easy, but fortunately we have an easy way to help your child prep for the SAT or ACT. Best of all, it’s free.


Self-Paced Program

Looking for an effective SAT & ACT prep option that your child can complete at his/her own pace? We understand that your student has unique needs and a busy schedule that can make finding an ideal SAT & ACT prep option difficult.

That is why we have put thousands of hours into developing a web-based SAT & ACT program designed to meet these unique needs. Our program is effective because we’ve spent time with students and know what it takes to tackle the test – and score at their highest potential. There is not a more flexible and effective tool on the market, sign up now!

Live, Online SAT & ACT Prep Classes

Our live, online prep classes are:

  • Effective – Students from all over the world have used the same online classes to raise their scores by hundreds of points.
  • Convenient – Even students with the busiest schedules can fit in online classes. Being able to attend from home or any internet-connected device makes it easy.
  • Affordable – Live Classes start at $50 and recorded classes $35 – an absolute steal!. 

With Method Test Prep’s teacher-led online classes, students get the exposure they need to important subject matter.

ACT Week

Whether your child is planning to take the ACT for the first time this spring, or retaking it to improve their score, now is the time for them to start thinking about preparing.

Get a head start, register now for our ACT Week classes designed exclusively to help your child prepare for the ACT.

With our ACT Week classes they will learn some of the most important math, reading, science, and writing strategies. Let us help them understand the wide range of questions, as well as how to decipher some of the hardest problems. We know your child is looking to get top scores!

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The Method Test Prep Team