Start Your Child on a Path to Bilingualism in 2015

 January 8, 2015

Start Your Child on a Path to Bilingualism in 2015

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Digital Language Courses Teach Tangible Language Skills and Cultural Awareness

Are you homeschooling your child without expertise in a second language? Without proficiency in a second language, do you find you don’t know where to begin with foreign language learning? Middlebury Interactive’s immersive, digital language courses are becoming a solution to address the foreign language curriculum needs of many homeschool families.

Developed by Ph.D.-level academics and linguistic experts, Middlebury Interactive’s online language courses utilize real-world reading, writing, listening and speaking activities combined with task-based activities to accelerate language acquisition. Students enjoy the interactive lessons that allow them to take charge of their learning and gain tangible language skills while exploring the culture through videos, games and activities. Read more about the importance of immersion to help students gain a stronger base of comprehension in world language learning.

Courses are available in Spanish, French, Chinese and German, from elementary through Advanced Placement and can be taken as self-paced, independent study or with the guidance of a certified virtual world language teacher. Go behind the scenes in these videos to learn more about Middlebury Interactive’s online digital courses and how they are equipping students with tangible language skills on the path to becoming global citizens.

Coupon Offer:

Homeschool families receive an exclusive offer to save 10% on their initial order from Middlebury Interactive Languages! Use code HomeSchoolFirst10 when you buy online at

Testimonials from Homeschool Family:

“Our three elementary-aged sons are learning Chinese through Middlebury Interactive’s Chinese language course and are loving it. They’re excited everyday to use the course and enjoy the self-paced nature of the activities. They love the stories, myths, legends, as well as the games and songs that teach them not only the Chinese language but also about the culture of China.”—Paul, Homeschool Dad, Illinois

“Our son is loving it! After he finished every lesson, he’s telling us all about the words he’s learned.” —Ticia, Homeschool Mom

“Lorelai loves learning German and I am sharing in her joy. We practice while taking afternoon walks or even while snuggling before she goes to bed. German is becoming a natural part of our life and that’s exciting.”—Michelle, Homeschool Mom

The Benefits of Language Learning

Studies show the benefits of world language learning are extensive. Learning a new language can expand your understanding of the world – and help you excel at whatever you choose to do in it. Download a free poster that outlines just some of the benefits of language study, which include:


  • Enhanced creativity and empathy
  • Improved critical thinking, multi-tasking and communication skills
  • Higher test scores
  • Increased confidence
  • Intellectual growth
  • Expanded world view
  • Higher lifetime salaries
  • Just like individuals, nations also benefit from speaking more than one language. In today’s globalized, multicultural world, countries are more interconnected than ever before – making multilingualism increasingly vital to every nations’ growth. Discover more about the languages most studied in the US, some of the advantages of learning world languages and how world language learning differs in the United States and the European Union in this infographic.

    More about Middlebury Interactive’s Digital World Language Courses

    Age Appropriate Curriculum:

    Courses are designed at grade level and feature age-appropriate themes specifically designed for K-12 students. Courses also utilize interactive media, including animated stories, myths and legends, as well as videos featuring native speakers, to teach language and culture simultaneously.

    Immersive Approach to Language Study:

    Midldebury Interactive’s online courses are supported by decades of research showing that students need exposure to authentic materials and frequent opportunities to interact in the target language in order to succeed. Task-based activities and interactive exercises are applicable to real-life settings to build confidence communicating in language.