Here’s a free homeschool lesson to help your kids be smart with money

Get a free money lesson!

This FREE homeschool lesson will help give your kids great money skills for life!
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Dear Parents,

How are you teaching your kids about money management? It’s as important as math and reading, yet too few homeschoolers have taken steps to teach their kids.

Now, a brand-new homeschool product called MoneyBright Kids is making it easier than ever for kids to learn smart money skills! And here’s the great news—you can get a FREE homeschool lesson from MoneyBright Kids, including a FREE DVD and four FREE curriculum learning guides! Click here for a special sneak-peak of your free film.

In this fun, FREE DVD, your kids will follow the adventures of the MoneyBright Kids—a group of friends who discover a magical app on their smartphones that teaches them everything they need to know about money. From earning it, saving it, and spending it wisely, to investing it and donating it, the MoneyBright Kids learn it all. And as your kids watch this fun, animated film, they’ll learn how to take control over money so that money doesn’t control them!

Along with this special FREE DVD, we’re also including free online streaming of the film for anytime/anywhere viewing from any internet-connected device!

Plus, we’re including some very exciting FREE downloadable homeschool resources, too! From a fun word jumble and a handy glossary of terms, to discussion questions and a multiple choice quiz, these great resources compliment the material on your FREE DVD. All together, they make a great homeschool lesson to help your kids learn about managing money!

The DVD and lesson guides are absolutely FREE. We just ask you to cover $1 in s&h for your DVD. And when you claim your FREE homeschool lesson today, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive a new MoneyBright Kids homeschool lesson, including a DVD with free online streaming and downloadable learning guides about once a month at a great low price!

Of course, since this is a FREE offer, there’s absolutely no commitment whatsoever and you’re under no obligation to purchase anything at all!

So don’t hesitate to give your kids some of the most important skills they’ll need in their lives—an understanding of money and the ability to make smart money decisions!


Your friends at MoneyBright Kids

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