Top 7 Benefits of Online Homeschooling

 September 29, 2015

Top 7 Benefits of Online Homeschooling

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PLUS – The Top 5 Reasons Why Online Homeschooling
Guarantees Success

Nothing has changed our world as much as the Internet. Its benefits are endless. For homeschoolers, leveraging online educational resources and especially high quality programs designed by and for homeschoolers can lead to tremendous success for both parents and students.

Reason #1 : We do the Work, You Get the Joy

Online homeschooling programs do the heavy lifting.

We deliver daily lessons that have been prepared by expert educators and designers that engage and delight your children.

No more late night prep sessions where you try to turn textbooks into lessons. No more trying to figure out how to teach a topic.

Your child receives 180 lessons -1 for every school day- that are self taught and simple for anyone to oversee.


Reason #2:  Multimedia Partners Make Learning Fun & Engaging

An experienced high quality online homeschool program partners with the leading educational experts to deliver a curriculum bursting with exciting and relevant videos, games, links, adventures, simulations and projects.

Reason #3: Complete Record Keeping

You get comprehensive record keeping for your school district . Transcripts, time logs, grade books, portfolios, evaluations, course summaries, everything any district would request to ensure you are compliant with your state homeschool regulations.
Reason #4: Unlimited Support

Answer keys, grading rubrics, computer graded assignments… Our staff of homeschool educators and experts provide you with unlimited unparalleled support. You are never alone! Even if you just need a bit of encouragement, you will find our staff to be supportive and kind. Our staff is made up of former homeschoolers who get it!
Reason #5 Christian Curriculum with Over 150 Courses

Don’t forget God in your daily studies.
Our courses include scriptures, Bible Says, and references to His Story infused throughout.

We offer the largest most diverse collection of Biblically based courses available anywhere.

Your children’s spiritual development is of critical importance.

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