July 12, 2012
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eLearningK12 is a company founded by three homeschooling mothers with a vision — to enhance the quality of education and family life in North America (and beyond), through personalized, guided, Internet-based K-12 curriculum.  A smaller company – they have turned their dreams into reality — they have succeeded in making homeschooling possible for many families in the United States and in several foreign countries.

View eLearningK12 sample activities and a gallery of eLearningK12 student work.

eLearningK12 empowers parents to homeschool by providing a quality, user-friendly curriculum with assistance from caring, professional educators–and by providing a variety of services to meet the needs of individual students and their families.  Which service option meets your needs?

    Level 1 Services

Home Based / Parent Directed

    • Self-paced learning


    • Core subjects aligned to national and state standards


    • Home school core curriculum


    • Access to online curriculum for levels K-12


    • Training for parent and student by one of our teachers


    • Teacher assigned to your family to monitor student progress and manage the grade book


    • Teacher recommends appropriate courses and adjusts individualized courses as needed


    • Toll free number for tech support


    • E-mail support from your teacher


    • Parent assigns daily lessons and paces student


    • Parent corrects subjective assignments such as writing


    • Parent manages transcript, electives and diploma


  • Supplemental for remediation and enrichment


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Free access to Level 1 Services for the month of July for NEW Kindergarten & 1st grade students (first 50 respondants qualify). Contact Nancy at [email protected].

Level 2 Services

    Home Based/Teacher Directed

    • Initial, mid-year and end-of-year conference


    • Development of personalized education plan for student


    • Online monitoring of student progress


    • Access to e-mail and telephone interaction with your teacher


    • Monthly reports and consultation to the parent to individualize courses for the student


    • Teacher assigns daily work, manages grade book and paces student work


    • Teacher grades subjective assignments such as writing


    • Technical support


    • Correlation of curriculum with state graduation requirements (high school only)


    • Transcript development (high school only)


    • Diploma from eLearningK12 (when high school graduation requirements are met)


    • Online progress report


    • Monitoring and assistance with offline electives (high school only)


  • A private high school diploma upon completion of requirements


eLearningK12 started as a dream. They now have multiple locations and are teaching children worldwide. They invite you to learn with them…and grow with them…and to be a part of the eLearningk12 family!