Looking for an Elementary Science Curriculum?

 March 5, 2015

Looking for an Elementary Science Curriculum?

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Hi Homeschoolers,



Many homeschooling parents say it’s hard to find a rigorous science curriculum that gives the students a solid foundation while engaging them in “doing” science. Sure, there’s many experiments around for doing some science but a curriculum that covers all the bases… that’s hard to find.

Science4Us is designed to address this need. Our early elementary science curriculum is designed to provide a broad science foundation while also building core language arts and math skills. It’s available on the web or an app, and includes 350 interactive activities and hundreds of offline activities. Take a look at this quick video for homeschoolers.

Science4Us provides an exciting science curriculum for your early elementary students and helps you with:

  • Automated student reports – This one is a time-saver and a favorite among homeschoolers for student portfolios. The organized and simple to read format helps you keep track of how your child is doing, review their answers, view notebook entries, and check on scores received.
  • Lesson plans – Serving as a one-stop resource that will guide you through the material and help you prepare and plan your week, the lesson plans provide objectives, teacher support and printable worksheets.
  • Hundreds of ideas for hands-on projects. Even better, the supplies you’ll need are probably already in your house.

Ready to start engaging your child with Science4Us? Sign up today! It’s less than $8.00 a month and there’s no contract.

– The Science4Us Team

P.S. Got iPads? The Science4Us app is now available! The iPad app is in the Apple store as a free download to students from subscribing families.

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