5 Important Summer Resources

 June 10, 2016

5 Important Summer Resources

Just for you:

  • Our very own Rebecca Kochenderfer is putting the finishing touches on her newest book, How to Avoid Summer Slide by Creating a Season of Wonder, Discovery and Fun! She’s offering Homeschool.com readers a free sneak peek! Yah!

  • She’s also sharing her Summer Resource Guide. Double yah!

  • Plus, Homeschool.com’s 101 Things To Do This Summer list is brimming with fun and educational activities. Have you created nail polish art? It’s #31 on the list!

  • Homeschool.com is offering LOTS of informational freebies regarding summer slide, the importance of play, summer bucket lists and MORE! Have you made a summer bucket list? Have your kids? It’s not too late!

  • Also, our Summer Fun/Summer Education magazine is chocked full of summer related articles and info. Many relate to our 101 Things To Do This Summer list. On page 62, we ask our Facebook readers if they are homeschooling through the summer. Curious to see their answers? Just click on the graphic below.


Summer – isn’t it a wonderful time for educational fun?