Newsletter 48: Holidays, Homeschooling, and Free Stuff

If you’re not sure how to handle homeschooling and the rush of the holiday season, join us for this month’s newsletter packed full of helpful tips for holiday homeschooling!

My Middle-School kid yesterday: Hey mom! Want to know what I’d love for Christmas?
MeSure, but tell me once we finish our science lesson.
My kidBut mom, it’s super cool.
MeOk, fine. What is it?
My kidThose sumo-wrestler suits so my friends and I can wrestle.
Me“Sigh” Ok  – let’s look at the different types of algae on pg 45…(Hand on my forehead…thinking that really might be kinda cool.)

If you’re hearing this too, I completely understand how you might not want to even talk about the holidays. But, the kids have one thing on their minds and it isn’t science. It can be frustrating to get them to focus, but one thing I’ve learned over the last decade of homeschooling is that sometimes… you just go with the flow.

Wondering what I mean? Sometimes you don’t push a full-on homeschool schedule during the holidays. Some years our homeschool looks like just reading during the holidays. Other years our holiday homeschooling looks like a handful of field trips because we are visiting family out-of-state. What I’m saying is that you might want to consider a guilt-free alternative homeschooling schedule. Make it guilt-free by intentionally planning it out, find out how in this month’s article on holiday homeschool scheduling tips.

I’ve also been feeling a little overwhelmed with Thanksgiving approaching next week, how about you? I’ve started planning some fun ideas for family fun. For our family, we enjoy having most of our Thanksgiving Day activities outside with cornhole and other fun family games. But for those of you who need inside kid activities, you’ll want to check out our fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids article with loads of fun stuff!

Also, stay tuned for our Annual Homeschool Holiday Gift Guide coming this Monday! It features DIY ideas, inspiration, and one-click shopping for those hard to find gifts… like the blow up sumo-wrestling suit (yes, we’re including a link to it) just in time for the holiday shopping!

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