Newsletter 49: Big Changes Mid-Year Can Be Great!

 I started out with a plan last fall for our homeschool that I thought was great and realized 2 months in that there were a few things that really didn’t work. I knew we couldn’t finish the whole year with a flat tire in those areas, so the kids and I had a talk

We discussed what the issue might be, and realized what we needed going forward. We’ve made changes to our homeschool lineup and now we’re hopeful that the rest of the year will move forward in a positive way and we’ll be able to meet the goals we’ve set together!

You see, you don’t need to be afraid of change or transitions. Some of the best opportunities can be found through trial and error. In fact, you can understand your strengths and weaknesses much better when you’ve experienced both.

In our homeschool, we embraced the fact that some of the kids don’t do well with online classes and we’ve made the adjustment and transitioned to a different approach. Have you found things that don’t work in your homeschool? How are things going? Are you satisfied with everyone’s curriculum? Are they motivated and learning or Is it time for a mid-year transition?

Some of you are new and just made the decision to transition into homeschooling. We’ve got some helpful advice for you too! Since most of us have some sort of mid-year homeschooling transition in January we’ve gathered our best advice to help you start the year off well!

Is it Too Late to Change Homeschool Curriculum?

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New Homeschoolers? Public School to Homeschool Mid-Year Transition

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