Newsletter 50: Creating Margin in Your Homeschool!

Need Some Breathing Room?

Did you know…finding time to get things accomplished and finding motivation for the kids can both be helped through reassessing all aspects of homeschooling to find some breathing room? 


“I’m thinking, I can’t homeschool like this… my thoughts are full of anxiety and just as cluttered as the room we’re learning in today. Then I look at my homeschool plans and the schedule for the day and tears well up in my eyes.”


This scenario has happened over and over during our homeschool journey. You see, yes… things get out of order, get messy, and chaos can reign. But I found that taking a few moments to reassess makes a huge difference! 

But it’s not just the room or the area we homeschool in that can be the issue.

Other things can derail our effectiveness and drag us down:

  • Our routine or schedule can get messy
  • Our curriculum and resources (have we been adding studies?)
  • Our mindset or perspective can get out of sorts
  • Our time can get messy (have we been adding more tasks?)

It’s always a good idea to revisit and do a health check up on all aspects of our lives… you see clutter in any area will always cost us! 

  • Take time to organize the physical aspect of your learning environment
  • Take time to review your daily routine. Is it just too much?
  • Take time to review your learning plan.
  • Take time to feed your soul. Remember – you cannot pour from an empty cup. Refill. Do what you need to refresh your spirit!

Finding margin and room to breathe in all areas can streamline our effectiveness and reignite our motivation! Take a minute now to assess your homeschool for breathing room!

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