Newsletter 45: Homeschooling Essentials You Might Be Missing!

The foundation is what matters my friend!

For years, I thought my traditional education mindset would work for homeschooling all of my children. Boy was I wrong. I’ve experienced some painful faceplants in order to learn that true education doesn’t fit in a box, and that not every child will learn the same things in the same order or in the same way. And that every person’s education needs to be unique.

This is the foundation and beauty of homeschooling.

The realization of that was all very life-changing, but this week I’ve had another realization. There is something more to the “how” of learning that I’ve been missing. Don’t miss our exciting podcast with guest speakers Daren and Kath Denholm from South Africa and our article on finding your child’s learning preferences.


Don’t Miss These Essentials

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